Tuesday, April 07, 2009


Is anyone taking their daughter to see the new Hannah Montana movie? It starts this Friday and is rated G. I’m planning to take off early on Friday so I can take Alise for “Mommie/Daughter” time. She is so pumped!

How many people use “Google Reader” to keep up with their favorite blogs? Does anyone use the “Share” option? Sometimes I want to reference a blog I’ve read, but instead of actually posting about it, I thought about “sharing” it instead. Just wondering.

What is on your menu for Easter lunch/dinner? We’ll be joining my parents after church on Sunday for lunch. The main course will be ham. I’m making this to go with it. And I'm thinking of making the lemon version of this.

Does anyone know how to post to Twitpic from their blackberry? I can’t get it to work and I’ve got to figure it out soon because Twitter will be my only “online source” during our Disney trip. I’m not planning on taking the ol’ laptop!

Thanks for answering! My inquiring mind needs to know!


  1. I looooove Google reader. Dont share though. Don't know why, I just never have.

  2. Well, even though AJ would probably LOVE the Hannah Montanna movie (he has a small crush!) we are taking him to the 3-D showing on Monsters Vs. Aliens on Friday.

  3. Is it bad that I really want to see the Hannah Montana movie? I have thought about taking Carter - he *might* sit and watch it. Maybe I should just "borrow" my cousins little girl, she loves Hannah Montana.

  4. Share away..I love Google Reader. And I don't know about Blackberries, but with my phone, I have a code that I send pictures to. It automatically posts to Twitter with the caption and link, and to Twitpic with the picture..

  5. Anonymous1:36 PM

    Fun! Mommy and Daughter day! Alise will love it! We're thinking of doing a ham or turkey and my mom's yams, yummo, and maybe a carrot cake :-)

  6. Sassy is 7, so you know we will be attending a showing of Hannah's new movie.

    We always have lamb for Easter. My grandmother used to cook it, now my mom does.

    As for the computer stuff, I'm clueless!