Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Party Central

We are knee-deep in birthday party excitement around here!!

To say that Alise is excited would be the ultimate understatement of the year! However, I feel like a stick in the mud when I have to remind her that Saturday is not her actual birthday; it’s just the day of her party to celebrate with friends. “Your real birthday is May 26th and you’ll celebrate that day with Mommy and Daddy at Cinderella’s castle!” I tell her and then her eyes proceed to light up and my heart smiles. Gosh, I absolutely cannot wait, either!

The goody bags are finished! Wayne helped me decide not to attach balloons to them because he said, “Those kids have three other parties to attend that morning! They’re bound to pick up a balloon somewhere along the way!” And after I got to thinking about it, I realized that it would be 26 balloons for 26 goody bags and I didn’t buy a helium tank this year! Besides that, how in the world would I get all those balloons (26+ because I would need more to decorate with) in my car from the party supply store? So, I nixed the balloon idea. But the goody bags? They’re priceless! Well, at least I thought they were until Wayne suggested that I went “chinsy” on the boys’ bags! Okay. So the girl bags have a Mermaid doll attached to them! It’s a Mermaid party for cryin’ out loud! Boys don’t want a Mermaid doll on their bag! So, he proceeds to get on the internet and look for something for me to attach to the boys’ bags. Needless to say, the boys’ bags are staying as is: green with cute, felt monkey stickers on them!!

The cake is ordered and we will pick it up on Friday evening. I’m dying to see what it looks like! I still need to pick up ice-cream.

The party supply store opens an hour before her party, so I can get the helium balloons I need for decorating then, since the party spot (museum) is nearby. And the museum will have someone available to help me decorate the room – big plus because my mom usually helps and she won’t be there because my parents had already planned a year ago to be out of town this weekend. I didn’t know it. And in Alise’s world, the party must go on!

But it’s not just Alise’s party that’s causing all the hoopla! One of the moms from one of the other three parties this weekend called me and I don’t think she was very happy that Alise’s party was the same day as her child’s. She all but nearly accused me of trumping her child’s party. Can I help it that Alise’s starts at 10AM and her child’s starts later? Her classmates are free to attend anyone’s party and are free to leave Alise’s to attend another; it makes me no difference. If they can’t come or don’t want to come, I understand that, too. So I must say that I did an awfully good job of restraining myself!

On Friday, Alise’s school will be having “Field Day” and dismissing at noon. Wayne and I are both taking off half the day to spend the afternoon with her and to get last minute birthday errands finished. I know one of the things she wants to do is get her toes painted. We’ll probably go somewhere special for lunch that day, too. Baby Girl is counting down the days!!



  1. Is Alise going to any of the other parties?

  2. Here is the most important question - did your invite go out first? If so, their problem, not yours! Can not wait to see pictures! Wish I was going to be there!

  3. Anonymous1:37 PM

    I can't wait to see pictures!!!

  4. Anonymous1:37 PM

    Sounds like fun times ahead Laura! Can't wait to see pictures of it all! Wayne was so sweet to look for something for the boys' bags,lol!

  5. Sounds like everything is in order for a fabulous birthday. I'm sure everyone will have fun...especially the b-day girl herself. :)

  6. Anonymous3:07 PM

    I can't wait for the festivities to begin (living of course through the future post and pics).

    Don't sweat the comment by that mother. We have so much Mommy drama at my girls' school. I can never please anyone with my girls' party dates. Caroline, a Christmas Day baby, gets shafted because mothers would rather shop in December than drop their girls off at my home for a party...and with Ryan, I have been reprimanded numerous times for scheduling on Super Bowl weekend or goodness forbid on the morning before another chid's party. Last year, one of the school adminstrators found me at drop off time and said, "We must coordinate our party times better next year." I was proud of myself with my quick response (usually I am speechless until minutes later after the fact, lol). I let her know that (1) our kids weren't even in the same class AND (2) we never even invited either child to our parties. She was more worried I was stealing kids from her own child's party. Welcome to private school. LOL.

    DOn't give it another moment's thought--this is a joyful time for your baby girl. LET NO ONE ruin that for her! Motor forward in full force and with your usual zest and class.

    Love ya!


  7. Wow! I can't wait to hear the details about her party. I hope you let that Mom's comment go in one ear and out the other. It sounds like a fun party.

  8. Sounds like fun! I can't wait to see the pictures! I know Alise will be in Mermaid Heaven!

  9. How exciting. Can't wait to hear how everything turned out.

    You put me to shame with all the effort and details you put in your parties.