Thursday, April 02, 2009

ER Finale

So what does everyone think about the ER Finale?!

I saw the very first episode 15 years ago and even though I no longer watch, I thought it was only fitting that I watch the final episode, too.

I made the mistake of popping popcorn for the occasion. Not good for the big weigh-in tomorrow morning!



  1. Anonymous1:47 AM


    I, too, saw the premiere episode 15 years ago. I missed the finale last night :( I am eager to hear what others thought of the big send-off show.

    Thanks for posting on my blog. :o) We are plugging along and doing well.



  2. I didn't see the finale, although I used to watch faithfully when the show began. They are re-airing the finale here on Saturday night, so I hope to catch it then. I'm glad you didn't give anything away in your post, in case I do catch it!

  3. It was ok. I expected a little more action....or closure or something. I don't know. it just felt like any other episode to me, other than having so many people on there.

  4. Love your blog! I watched some of it.

    Found you on blog stalkers just wanted to let you know i'm from Louisiana too.