Saturday, April 04, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt

This afternoon, I took Alise to an egg hunt at a local church. We ended up running into our best friend, Addison, and her mom and Grandmother, too. So the girls had a blast hunting for eggs - there just weren't enough for all the kiddies. I promised her there would be TONS more eggs next week! Alise has several hunts on her agenda for next week - one at gymnastics, one at school, and hopefully one at our church.

Alise is wearing the pink smocked Easter dress that I got at a local boutique last year for 75% off. She got so many compliments and the dress looked perfect with the bunny bow from Shannon. I'll post color pictures later in the week.

Tomorrow we are headed to the Elsong Gardens after church for Easter pictures. The gardens open up for free to the public on the two Sunday afternoons before Easter. I sure hope things go better than last year! We've been talking it up with Alise and she promises to be sweet this year. We'll see. I so hope that we can get a family snapshot as well as some good pictures of our sweet daughter.

I made this for supper tonight. It was so yummy!

Much to my disapproval, Wayne decided to bless Baby Girl with an early birthday present.... a new swing set. It isn't that I don't want Alise to have a swing set. It's just that we're in the process of looking for a new house and I wanted to wait until we were settled in a new one before we spent the extra money and had to worry about moving it. Oh, well. I guess Daddy thought best. I'll post pictures of her new present tomorrow.


  1. LOVE the pics of your precious baby girl. She is adorable and the dress is fabulous.

    We had our house on the market when my hubby decided to buy a swing set "system"! It is not like the sets I had as a child. We sold our house within 6 weeks. Seriously. We DID move it. Funny little story....

    ;) I say go for it!

  2. Laura,

    Your pictures of Alise are heavenly! She is such a darling little girl. I hope she enjoys her swingset. Sometimes you just can't mess with the Daddy. LOL.



  3. Alise looks darling in her dress. The pictures were precious. I hope you have fun taking family pictures today.

  4. Alise looks just precious! We are getting pictures of the kids this week and I always get so nervous. You just never know with my two! Ha! I hope it goes well and I'll be anxious to see your pictures!

  5. Just BEAUTIFUL pictures of the egg hun and Alise's breath taking dress!!! Have a fabulous week!!!

  6. Anonymous1:39 PM

    These are beautiful photos!! What a great daddy, my boys would LOVE a swingset!