Saturday, March 07, 2009

What's Up

with my sidebar?! I go out of town for a day and when I get back, my blog is whacked!!

And just for the record, I hate Daylight Savings Time! I'm just saying....



  1. we don't do that here. It is so hard for me to remember that now everyone is 2-3 hours ahead instead of just 1-2.

  2. Me too! They should just leave it alone! I'm already prepared for a week of grumpy kids in the mornings until they get used to it! Ugh!

  3. I'm hoping Spring Forward will not affect Evan's sleep schedule the way Fall back did. It was terrible!!

  4. I felt like our family got hit by a ton of bricks when I yanked everyone out of bed for early church. Been dragging ever since.

    Still thinking about you chatting about "the idea" of baby know we will pester you every month! Happy for you, Laura (and will pray about the other request, too).

    Bows are on the way--I anticipate them being there by tomorrow. Funny side story. I mailed your items on Thurday. It takes only 2 days for my bows to ship Priority to TX, so I questioned to my postal clerk why it is taking THREE days to Lousiana. My postal clerk looked at me glazed and said,"HONEY! NO ONE pushes mail at the regular pace down in Louisiana!!" Is that an unfair statement, girlfriend? I crawled right out of there. LOL. HUGS!



  5. Me too on the DST. It's stupid. And so hard to convince a preschoolers it's bedtime when it's still daytime!