Thursday, March 12, 2009

What Is My Hang Up?

What is my hang up with wanting Alise’s Easter dress to be lavender every single year of her life?!

Here’s proof:

Alise’s first Easter dress. We drove over 100 miles to Mississippi that Saturday to visit Helen’s Young Years. I was wading through the racks of beautiful dresses and BAM! There is was! It and about four other dresses (two of which – and I remember this for a fact – that her Daddy picked out). Yeah, that was one of many “splurge days.” Check out the original post here.

The first time I saw this dress, I loved it! Actually, this was the dress that I wanted Alise to wear for her first Easter, but it didn’t come in the smaller size. So imagine my surprise when I was able to buy this dress on sale later in the season for the following year! So far, this is my favorite Easter dress for Alise, but it wasn’t her favorite by any means! Much to my disappointment, she complained that it “itched” and so she didn’t wear it quite often enough. I still have this dress and it's matching sweater tucked away in tissue paper.

.Lavender again. I’m not quite sure why I actually chose this dress for Alise, but I think maybe it was because it resembled the previous years dress so much. I loved the sleeveless look on her when she was younger. This dress was definitely the least expensive of all the others she wore previously. I think I got this one from Pennys.

Finally! Another color besides lavender. I bought this dress last year at a local boutique for 60% off fully expecting this to be Alise’s Easter dress this year.

Until…I found this on Ebay and fell in love!! So once again, I’m wanting her to have a lavender dress for Easter! This dress retails at Strasburg for $175! It's at a buy-now price for $69.99 and currently has two bids. It's brand new, too, and I want it SOOOO bad! I'm hoping that I will at least make $75 this weekend on my consignments at the Munchkin sale to be able to buy this dress in time for Easter. I may be making an "IOU" to myself.

Alise has another Strasburg dress that I bought last year and they wear so well. She will probably get to wear the dress again this year, so multiple years is a plus in my book. And I've seen this lavender dress in the store and I loved it the first time I saw it. Sound familiar?

Am I crazy for not going ahead and buying this dress? I am so worried that someone else will snatch it up!



  1. I like the lavender dresses! It's so cute to have a theme.

  2. Lavendar is my favorite color!! If I had a little girl she would be decked in head to toe,lol!!

  3. We did Strasburg lavender smocked dresses on the girls one Easter. The most heavenly smocking. I will try to remember to pull pics and show you. Lavender is a great color! ;)

    By the way, what a pretty little princess. HUGS!


  4. I would say go for it. If you really want it, it could be gone and you might have a hard time finding the same one again.(or similar to it)

    Very pretty Easter pics:)

  5. well, it IS the best color ever!

  6. I guess this is why I did not have a girl-I would never be able to restrain myself from adorable dresses like that and I would go broke!

  7. I say you are not crazy and should buy it before it's snatchedup! Lavendar is a great spring color, and it looks good on her.

  8. That dress is FAB! You know I like the lavender as well! Sofia has a Strasburg lavender that is just so pretty. I am saving it for Alise! So I think she wears the pink to Easter party or hunt and wears the lavender on Easter Sunday. Perfect!

  9. Lavender for Easter is just perfect...after all, isn't that the color of the season?

    Alise looks oh so cute in her Easter might as well continue with the Lavender theme before she wants to pick them out all on her own...have your fun while you can!

  10. Lavender + Easter + little girls = as close to perfection as you can possibly get. What is there to understand? :)

    Oh, and I fully support your efforts to buy that darling dress. Why wait, though? The suspense is killing even me!


  11. Just do it!! You know you're going to be sick if it's gone. I'm so glad you dress Alise just like I would if I had a sweet little girl!!

  12. You are one of my Loyal Commenters this week, so grab the recognition over at my blog. Enjoy!

  13. I have 3 girls and when they we little we have lots of Lavendar. One year I am pretty sure we had matching Lavendar dresses. What was I thinking no hand-me-downs.

  14. Love the lavender! And, regarding your comment...YES!, Dana Buchman...great designer! I first noticed her clothes at Dillard's many years ago...I think I even did a presentation on her in one of my college classes. ?? Anyhow, I was surprised when I saw her line in Kohl's...they know a good thing when they find it!

  15. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such kind words! Your little girl is precious by the way! Does your sister use Dr. Lawrence in Conway? We use to live in Conway too but moved back to our hometown of Russellville because my husband bought a hunting store! Have a great weekend!

  16. My word, your little girl is an angel...and I love the lavender looks so nice on her..(Personally I am just glad it isn't drives me crazy...LOL!)Love your blog, and also love the moms for modesty badge on the side..Happy Sunday!

  17. You sound JUST like me. Easter dresses for EG have always been a big deal to me. I just bought hers yesterday! I adore anything Strasberg!

  18. LOVE the Strasburg dress. I say just do it!!! Harper Jane has that purple smocked dress in the bishop style and I adore it!!!! Alise is such a cutie pie!

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