Friday, March 27, 2009

What Do You Think?

Sharon at All My Love All My Life has designed Alise's birthday invitations again this year (She also did Alise's poodle invitations for her 3rd birthday). Pertinent information missing of course (on both sides of the shell), but don't you just love them? I am so pleased with them! I have a thing for pre-printed invitations. Don't know why.

I asked Sharon to include the phrase "under the sea" in the invitation even though the party will be at the museum and has nothing to do with the beach or water. However, I'm not quite sure of the wording? Should I have her take it out? Leave it? Have the wording say something else and if so, what exactly? Help! I need to get back to Sharon by Sunday!



  1. I would keep the Under the Sea text because it is Alise's party theme. CUTE invite! :)

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  3. Very cute invitations! I would leave the wording like it is.

  4. Like the wording... It is a really cute idea.

  5. I would leave it...that's her theme!

  6. Love it!! You should be a party planner!!

  7. Very cute...gotta love a mermaid! I don't know how to link you to it, but check out my post about Audrey's 4th b-day last year. She had a mermaid cake that was PRECIOUS!! I posted it on Monday, August 11th...if you feel like looking through it!

  8. hey!! Yes, a lady in Rustin amde it. KaCee's Sugar and Spice...I think she has a website; just google her. BTW, looking at your pictures on your blog, I can tell you are losing weight..keep up the good work-I KNOW it is not easy. You will be ready for summer skirts and dresses. Can I have some of your motivation???!!

  9. So I'm going to go a little against the grain here and share a differing opinion. When I first read it, I had to go back and read it a second time. Just how my mind worked, I guess, but the wording got a little jumbled to me. So I have two suggestions:

    1.) I think the artwork on the cards are so pretty and minimal wording would be ideal:
    You're Invited! Join us in celebrating Alise's Birthday. (Or something very simple like that).

    2.) If you think that's too plain, what about this:
    A birthday party that is
    sure to be fun and more
    Our little mermaid
    is turning Four!
    Please join us in celebrating
    Alise's Birthday

  10. Anonymous9:27 PM

    Love it! Like the text too! I'm partial to printed invites myself!!!

  11. Anonymous12:29 PM

    Beautiful invite!!! Everything is perfect!!!