Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday Shopping Secrets

Blossom has started a new carnival based on what type of shopping behaviors YOU exhibited during the week. Check out her blog to see if you fit in to any of the categories. In the meantime, check out what items I bought this week! The behavior? Just because (More on how I found Blossom's blog to come later this week).

Mother and daughter flip flops just in time for Spring! And what a deal! 2 pairs in my size from Old Navy for a total of $5. Alise also got a 2 for $5 deal from The Children's Place.
I've been needing a new navy tablecloth for my dining table. I got this new one for $2.98 at Kohl's. I also picked up some Spring hand towels for the bathroom for $2.19 each.
Do ya think Alise is having a Mermaid themed Birthday party in nearly two months?!? I got all this at the Dollar Tree. I need more dolls and colors and the clerk was nice enough to tell me that they get new shipments on Tuesdays. I'll be making another visit, I'm sure.
My new turquoise clutch for around $16! I LOVE it!
Not wild about the strap, though, but it may come in handy. Right now I am planning on just carrying it in my hand. It has got SO many compartments - even for me because I have to have so many. I like that it fastens magnetically! The vendor, Trendsetters, in our mall, had this clutch in just about every color imaginable! I thought the turquoise looked so Springy - and Summery!

So what SHOPPING SECRETS do you have to share?!


  1. I love your mother/daughter flip flops, and those are some great finds for the birthday party.

  2. I love the flip flops! We just had a princess themed birthday party for Mary-Kate. I got a lot of neat party favors from the Dollar Tree too. I love your new clutch purse too. Very cute!

  3. Love the flip flops! The girl has shoes! The mermaids are too cute! I love the handbag!

  4. Love the Mother/daughter flip flops and I just did the same thing at Old Navy 2 weeks ago ha ha!! great post..Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  5. You are just too cool with those flip flops; love them. I have a pair on chocolate brown from Old Navy on this morning. I love those blue ones. YOu did some real shopping this weekend. The birthday party should be a hit with all the little girls. Thank you for showing us what was in your shopping bag. blossom

  6. Laura--

    The party favors are darling and WHAT A STEAL! You go girl! I love bargains. When my kids step into Dollar Tree, you would think they were floating in Candy Land. They love that place, and I literally have to drag them out of there by their curls. ;)


  7. Love the clutch...I've been thinking of getting one. I always seem to warp my flat wallets b/c I just have too much "stuff".

    Cute post!

  8. Anonymous12:11 PM

    Wow! I need to hit up our Dollar Tree! Who knew such great finds were hiding in there?!? Also, loving your flip flops and clutch, such pretty colors!! No shopping tips from me, I'm just trying to stay out of Target. One step at a time,lol!!

  9. aww fantastic mother daughter flip flops and i bet your daughter is going to love her mermaid party, i remember doing one for one of our girls way back when, they are all teens now.

  10. Great items for the Birthday Party! The little girls will love their goodie bags! I can't beleive that was at the Dollar Tree. I need to keep that in mind for Carter's Birthday!

  11. Hello, my name is Rachel and I am a shopaholic.... :)

  12. LOVE all those cute flops!!! Those party favors are adorable. Seriously---too cute!