Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Strawberry Cake & Slim Fast

They both start with the letter, "S."

I always get my employees birthday cakes for their birthday. Today’s birthday recipient wanted “strawberry” and as soon as she told me, I knew which cake I was going to get! After all! Strawberries are now in season!! Yeah!!

Our local grocery store chain sells THE BEST Strawberry Cake in the world!! It is a specialty cake that sits so beautiful on its pedestal behind the glass in the bakery section. Secretly, I’ve wished that Alise would have just one Strawberry Shortcake party so that I could get this cake for her. It hasn’t happened yet.

But I hafta tell ya that I wanted to send the cake writer back to bakery school for more writing-with-icing skills! What happened to all the fabulous cake writers out there?! This writer chose to write “Happy Birthday” with white icing on a white frosted cake. Does that make any sense to you?! There is just something about having your name on your birthday cake in my opinion! But legibly, of course. And then! The person who was selling the cake to me didn’t want to show me the cake! I always look at my cakes before I buy them! When I saw the writing, I knew it wouldn’t do, so I sent it back and asked them to fix it with some red icing. I wanted to say, “DUH!!”

So where does the Slim Fast come in, you ask? Well, I had it for lunch – two days in a row – and then I had this for a little snack soon after. I didn’t care how many miles I had to walk tonight to make up for those calories! Gosh, it was SO good!

Please show some love to my Bama–loving cousin, Mirya, by leaving her a comment to say “Hi!” Mirya is planning to give birth to Baby Colton on Friday and she is so ready! It’s hard to believe that Colton’s day is finally here! When we were all at the beach last Fall, his birth seemed so far away and here it is! Mirya, we love you, and wish you nothing but the best on Friday!



  1. ha...why WOULD you buy a cake you hadn't seen?! Odd policy. It sure looks deeelish!!

  2. YUM!!!! CAKE!
    (now I'm off to find something sweet. I'm drooling for sugar now...hehe)

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  4. Oh, I would have been eating some of that cake too! Yummy :)

  5. That cake looks delish! Not sure why someone would write in white on white. Not thinking I guess.

  6. I have a strawberry cake due this weekend and I will be sure and write on it in a contrasting color! LOL! White on white, huh? That is weird!

  7. Thanks sweetie! I appreciate all the support. We have 2 more days left. Yay!

    The strawberry cake looked delicious, but I can't understand why they wrote "Happy Birthday" in white icing. Hello!

  8. YUM! That makes me so hungry right now!

  9. Hey! I tagged you for a word game ;)

  10. Oh Cake. Cake is my weakness. Birthday cake in particular, with all that buttercream or whipped cream frosting! What a sweet boss you are!!!