Sunday, March 29, 2009

Our Weekend in Pictures

Birthday Party #1 - Alise with Anderson at 10 AM Saturday

Emma & Alise waiting to dance at 12:00 Saturday!

Best Friends!

Birthday Party #2 - Lennon's Birthday at 2 PM Saturday!

Birthday #3 - another best friend, Addison on Sunday

Where has the weekend gone?! Oh! That's right! We've partied all weekend!!

Tomorrow is Monday! Yikes!

I am exhausted!!



  1. I know about being partied out! Yes, AJ's party was at 3:30 that afternoon. We are bound to run into each other one day since we frequent alot of the same places! In fact, we almost went to Alphafest, but had too much to do that morning.

  2. i am tired just reading that! I have not left my house since I came home on Friday night!

  3. Wow what a weekend. Your little girl must be sound asleep tonight:)

  4. Hey. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am meeting all kinds of accountant bloggers. Funny. Looks like a great party weekend.

  5. Wow...that does look like a busy weekend. Hopefully the cakes were worth it. Nothing beats a piece of good birthday cake.

  6. Anonymous8:29 AM

    We too seem to be in the season of b-day parties!

  7. Talk about party central?? Goodness!!! I love the little pink dresses the girls are wearing!!

  8. Anonymous12:26 PM

    Hi Laura! I'm back to blogland,lol! What a great weekend you had!! We had a birthday party on Saturday as well! We've been to 3 birthday parties in the last month,lol! Welcome to preschool, ha ha!! Love all the pictures :-)

  9. You two have been party animals this weekend! Such sweet pictures!