Monday, March 23, 2009

Manic Monday & Vacuum Cleaners

Update: Hubby's on the internet checking out vacuum cleaners! Can you believe that? Even gone as far as to "Consumer Reports." Woo-hoo! Looks like I might be the happy owner of a new vacuum! Okay with me as long as I don't hafta use it. Don't mean to sound spoiled, but dusting and vacuuming are just not my thang!

I’m not quite sure if it’s the fact that I’ve been off work for two days and just been “taking it easy” (whatever that means) or what, but today has been SO grueling and non fun.

Actually, it started last night when Alise began complaining of a headache and actually threw up! Ugh!! She was so exhausted from getting up early (aka “getting-back-into-the-swing-of-things after being on Spring Break all week) and not having a nap. I rubbed some Phenergan on her wrists and she slept in our bed, but it was a fitful sleep. I could tell that she wasn’t relaxed and she groaned alot in her sleep. This morning, she woke up fine and talking her head off!

I had a mandatory meeting at 8:00 this morning. I hate 8:00 meetings! I have to drive downtown – and that’s after I get Alise to school – to work everyday and it doesn’t matter what time I leave the house, I will never make it on time to an 8:00 meeting, so, of course, I was late for this one, too. Our CEO was waiting to begin, so I looked like the tardy little school girl in front of all my peers and colleagues. Ugh! Thank goodness there was an empty seat in the back row! I would have been mortified to have to walk all the way to the front row.

I called about the ticket for my accident last month. Ya know? The one where I ranted about turn signals and five traffic lanes? Yeah! That one! The ticket is going to cost me $352! And because it was an accident, I have to see the city prosecutor, but I can’t see him until after one o’clock each day. That’s because he’s busy in court with all the other felons, thieves, and riff-raff. Do I sound bitter?! It's been a month. You would think I would have gotten over it by now!

By 11:00, I had eaten two mini boxes of the Easter Nerds that I bought for my huge candy dish that sits on my desk for my employees, of course, not me. I nearly talked myself out of buying any Easter candy for the office yesterday and boy, do I wish I would have!! I just “happened” to check the calories on the bag in my trash and it said that one box was 50 calories!! 50 calories for a small box of Nerds and I had already had two!!??? That’s 100 calories!! I considered that half my lunch…the other half was Slimfast!!

I told you the day wasn’t looking good.

I felt sorry for Alise this morning, so I offered to pick up from school at 3:00. She was all about being picked up in the pick-up line at school! Yes, I sent her to school because she only threw up that one time. And when she started repeating everything I had ever told her about myself when I was her age, I figured Ms. K could deal today.

Somehow over the last month, I have lost my maid. She hasn’t come back, but I think it’s because she has decided to work full time at Hobby Lobby. I’m okay with that, but I just wish she would have told me. Wayne found Ms. L for me right after Alise was born, so I was a little sad. Anyway, after calling every person I knew so that I could "borrow" their maid, and after finding out that every single one of them was booked, I decided to take matters into my own hands. First, the Yellow Pages. That candidate never showed on Saturday. Then, yesterday, I decided to use the classified ads in our local paper. After all, those people are really advertising so they must need jobs. Candidate #2 showed up this afternoon and won the job. She'll collect a check on Thursday. I never knew how much I depended on my maid.

The downside to having a new maid is that I don't own a vacuum cleaner. Okay, I do, and it's a Rainbow, but I have no idea where it's at. Ms. L always brought her own, which I loved. The new person doesn't bring her own vacuum, so tonight while Alise was at dance, I ran to Walmart to check out the vacuum cleaners. I really don't want to spend alot of money. I just have this thing about vacuum cleaners. They've got to be the dirtiest things ever and I can't stand the smells they accumulate. I'm leaning towards a bagless Bissell. Anyway, I need your thoughts regarding vacuum cleaners. Which brand/model do you have, how expensive was it, and do you like it well enough. Please let me know. I've got to make this purchase very soon.

About the only good thing that happened today is that despite the two boxes of Easter Nerds, I did manage to get two new compliments from some co-workers regarding my weight loss! Woo-hoo! Two pounds left to goal and six pounds left to pre-baby weight! I can SO see that chocolate cake at Cinderella's castle in May!

Oh! And I dropped off the last of our personal tax information to our CPA this afternoon. Now for that BIG refund! Ha! Yes, we have a CPA, too, but that's only because I absolutely refuse to do our personal income taxes. I don't do anyone else's and I don't do our own. And, yes, I am a CPA! Go figure.


  1. Yay on the weight loss! And Nerds are contraband at our house! They always get spilled everywhere!!!

    And we had breakfast at Cinderella's Castle. I love breakfast & that was the BEST meal EVER!!! Stuffed french toast w/ a blueberry sauce! Oh my!

  2. I love my bissell bagless. And I am a clean freak..seriously. Make sure you get one with a Hepa keeps more dust and allergens from releasing back into the room. I really want to get a bissell healthy home vacuum with the cyclonic design...but I cant rationalize it b/c mine works great. (I'm just a little OCD!)

  3. This is one of your best posts--loved it.

    I have a Kenmore cannister and a Kirby
    upright. The Kirby is a total workhorse and
    is indestructable. I am HARD on vacuums,
    which is why we got my wrist breaking Kirby.
    I would trade both for maid. I tried a few maids
    when I had a 13 month old and a newborn,
    but I sheepishly fired them all (lazy farts asleep
    on my couch or yapping on the cell on MY dime!!).


  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the sweet comment!

    I don't have time to really look at your blog right now, but I'm going to come back later for sure!

    Where in NE La do you live? I live in West Monroe.

  5. I looooove our Bissell vacuum! It's bagless. And amazing. Go for it!

  6. Well You know I love my new Dyson. They are not cheap, but mine was on sale for $250 at Target. It really is awesome. Congrats on the continued weight loss success!!!

  7. I am in the market for a new vacuum, too. I have heard great things about the Bissell Bagless.

    Congrats on the weight loss!

  8. Woo-hoo on the weight loss!!! That's great...don't beat yourself up over eating the nerds! It's good to give in every once in awhile to those cravings (as I stuff another piece of leftover b-day cake in my mouth).

    That's hilarious that you're a CPA but you don't do your own taxes. Though I would imagine after working with numbers every day all year, you just don't wanna deal with your own taxes.

    We have a Dyson but I hate it...really hate it. It's heavy and bulky and I seriously have to consult the directions every single time I wanna use one of the attachments because it's so dang confusing. I think they've updated the Dyson since we bought ours so I'm not sure about the newest ones.

  9. You are SO funny!! There are some days when you just have to roll with the punches, huh?

    I think you're looking great. You can really tell you've lost weight.

  10. I have a Miele as a gift from my mom which I love. She bought a Dyson and had to return it because it sucked to hard... I have had a couple Eurke's that I bought and they did not last very long...Sounds like a stat to a rough week so thankfully the weight loss was good!!

  11. Yes, the red powder does count in feeding the birds that is what I keep in my feeders; my husband had a red shirt on and they came within inches of his face.

  12. Thanks for your sweet comment - Alise is a doll - I loved reading through your blog - you are a great writer! Glad to know there are big Alabama fans in LA - I sometimes feel like I live in a bubble here in T-town!!!!

  13. Hi Laura...I wandered over from my aunt Mirya's blog. I love vacuums, so we differ there! hehe. I just looooovvveee a clean floor more than anything. We have stairs and some hardwood floors, some tile floors, and some rugs. LOTS of different floors. The Kenmore Canister vacuum was our winner and at the top of consumer reports. I think it was $250 or so at Sears. It's nice because you can adjust the height very easily and turn the beaters on/off. It also has a pet hair tool that is electric, rather than air driven and It works WONDERFULLY! If you have stairs, and lots of different floors, this is the vacuum for you!

  14. I'm tired just ready about your day! LOL Okay, I have to put in my two cents on vacuum cleaners. I have a Dyson and I will NEVER buy anything else. WORTH EVERY penny and it was recommended by my Pulmonologist (sp) for my asthma and allergy issues. I LOVE IT!!! It has been the BEST thing we spent that much money on! :) So are ya getting geared up for the BIG trip?

  15. I see you guys are huge Bama fans. I am a huge Bama fan also was hard to see them lose to Flordia in the SEC championship. Roll Tide!!!!

    Check my blog out at

  16. You go (Weight loss)! Wow, you are so lucky to have somebody to clean for you! I hate it but alas, when you stay home all day, you really can't seem to find a reason not to. sigh..... As for the vaccum, we have been in the market for a new one and everyone I have talked to that owns one says cough up the $ and go Dyson. We haven't yet, but a s soon as I sell that kidney.....

  17. Ok...Dyson vacuums are the BEST and when our current vacuum dies we are investing in a Dyson. Yes, I said investing. They are expensive but dependable and durable!

  18. Anonymous12:30 PM

    I know you posted this awhile back, silly me for not checking in for such a while! We have a hoover windtunnel that we love! It actually ranked higher than the Dyson in Consumer Reports studies!!