Monday, March 16, 2009

I'm Too Fat for Forever 21

Okay. I've lost 13 pounds and I'm STILL too fat for the store "Forever 21"! I'm just saying...

Our store has only been open for about nine months. Until this weekend, I had only been inside their walls once. Didn't buy a thing.

So late last week, Kelly posted about "Recession Fashion" and included a Mr. Linky. I didn't feel the need to share my own version of "Recession Fashion" simply because I've been dieting since January 5th and I haven't bought myself a thing since before Christmas! I shop sales, but right now, my "Recession Fashion" means less fabric to cover my body - and I'm not talking undergarments and swimsuits!!

After reading a few blogs related to the topic, there was one store that kept popping up and the name was "Forever 21."

I decided to give it another shot.

I'm still too fat.

Did you know that store only goes up to a size "L"? That's "L" for LARGE, not "LAURA"!

Why, oh, why does everything have to be so tight fitting, so spaghetti-strappy, so cut-down-to-there?!

Why can't I look cute, too?!

I will say this: I like the store because it makes me feel as if I have reverted back to my favorite era: the ' 80's! All the layered looks, big accessories and leggings make me wish that "What A Feelin'" would begin blaring over the intercom any minute! It's those crazy tricks that make me think I can actually wear some of that crazy stuff and so I head off to the dressing room only to be disappointed and wishing for just that! '80's bod again!! I then come out of the dressing room, nearly in tears, hand the clothes to the skinny clerk and exclaim, "I'm too fat to wear these clothes!" She says, "No, you're not!" Bless her heart! She's only trying to make a sale!

As I left the store, I thought, "I bet I could make a small fortune on a "Forever 31" or "Forever 41" store!"

Of course, my version would be just a tad different: "For-evah 31 & 41."

And I would nevah, evah be too fat for those clothes!!

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  1. You are NOT.

    They cut their clothes so small - seriously, if you hold up their size small to a actual brand size small (say, Calvin Klein or even Jones New York)'s MUCH smaller.

    It also takes about $2 to make the clothes they sell for $12.

    Can you tell I used to be a fashion buyer?? ;)

    DO NOT FEEL BAD. You've done a great job losing weight that you've wanted to!

  2. Girl -- don't beat yourself up. You've lost 13 pounds, and you should be proud. Stay strong and keep it up. And -- I need that Forever 31/41 store, too. I HATE shopping right now! ***hugs***

  3. Anonymous6:49 PM

    Ooh, love your giveaway hint! I know I'm waiting to see what you're gonna give away!! You've done an amazing job with the weight loss Laura!! I would LOVE to see a Forever 31,lol!!

  4. Just so you know, I don't think I have ever bought a thing in that store. I don't even know if my mall has it. But I know that I probably didn't even fit in those clothes even when I thought I was thin or in high school! And good for you to lose 13 pounds. I need to get on that wagon. I have been feeling like a "fatty boom-a-latty" lately!

  5. Be proud of your self for the weight you have lost. You are doing great!

  6. Way to go on your weight loss so far! There is a reason it is called Forever "21". I will never be able to shop there either....I'm just too old and can't pull off the young-thang look no matter how much I loose.

  7. You are NOT too fat! I think you look fabulous!

    You are so very funny! You had me giggling. I am so out of the fashion stuff too. If it's not jeans and sweat pants, I'm out. HA!

  8. Hey, I read your comment on my blog so of course I had to check out your blog!! All I have to say is don't worry about Forever 21 before Katrina , having a baby and the accident I was a size 8 to 10 now I don't feel that is fat I liked that size and I went into a Forever 21 and there large was like a small I was so upset cause I agree with you there clothes even then were a throw back to the 80's but oh well .... so don't worry your not fat by normal standards and you've lost 13 pounds that is so great !!!

  9. I like some of the stuff they sell, but it either doesn't fit or looks bad on me, too.

  10. Congrats on 13 pounds! WOo Hoo!!! I don't even bother going to stores like that. Even when I was 120 pounds, if you have boobs those shirts or dresses do not work. I like to go to Ross, TJ Maxx or New York and Company. Lately though, a whole lot of Ross.

  11. I think you look FANTASTIC!! I'm so very proud of you!!

    Hey, did you notice I finally updated my blog?!

  12. Woo Woo! I bet Wayne likes the "less fabric to cover your body" Recession Fashion. Ha! I hope you're not beating yourself up on your weight because I'll have to say "Stop It". You've done a great job! Way to Go! As far as "Forever 21", honey I hate to tell you that we're not 21 any more. I don't know if that is referring to waist size or age, but I can't fit either one. Ha! I loved the 80's just you, so I like your idea for the "For'evah 31 or 41". When you get the line a going, give me a call. Love ya!

  13. STOP CUTTING YOURSELF DOWN!!! You are a beautiful creation!!

    I've been into Forever 21 and I've not bought anything either!!!

  14. Oh Laura! Don't get discouraged. I swear those kinds of stores are for teenie bopper high school hips--not moms that have carried a lead soccer ball in their womb while their hips nearly split open for almost 10 months. I bought some "cocktail" rings from the website after Kelly's post last week, but my lower half isnt ready (and will never be ready) for the 21 look.

    You look BEAUTIFUL and are such an inspiration for me to get up and lose the last of my baby pounds (and my babies aren't babies anymore, if you kwim? It is my forever excuse. LOL).

    Happy St. Pat's Day to all!


  15. Ok trust me on this..their sizing is waaaaaay off. I'm a size 4, occasionally a 6 and I wear a L at Forever 21. It's maddening!

  16. Don't feel bad. I must really be out of the loop. I hadn't even heard of Forever 21.

  17. That store is insane! I was 5'1" and 110lbs (in high school once upon a time) and I was a stick! I couldn't fit in most of the sizes even if I tried on the large sizes back then. It is made for teeny boopers that have no shape or haven't gone through puberty yet! Congrats on the weight loss! I love me some Ann Taylor Loft! That store has pants that make my rear look smaller...just saying.

    you had me crackin up, and i can totally relate! i love the clothes at forever 21, but they are too tight and too low cut for the most part!

  19. If it makes you feel any better, before I had Noah I wore a size 4 and I still couldn't wear the large they sell!