Friday, March 20, 2009

Fashion Friday

Before I begin...I want to let inquiring minds know why I have traded places with my work space! Alise has been on Spring Break this week. My sweet mom kept her Monday thru Wednesday and I took off to stay home with her yesterday and today. But somehow, stay home, we didn't.

Now on to "Fashion Friday."

My new blog friend, Robin, is already mentioning bathing suits!! A girl after my own heart! She's ahead of the game! But when I read her post, this is what came to mind:

Now, before you get the wrong idea and think that I am a hairy monster, let me set the record straight: Yes, I do shave my legs. However, there is a distinct difference in "winter-time shaving" and "summer-time shaving." The two don't go hand-in-hand in my world. If you have the luxury of shaving your legs once a day, every day in total peace and quiet, in candle light and amidst layers of bubbles, well, God bless you!! It don't happen in my world, that's fer sure! So, I admit that I usually procrastinate - for very good reasons, of course - in the winter time. In the summer time, I eventually learn to loathe shaving simply because I have to do it more frequently (I won't dare tell you how long I go between shaves, but I thank God quite often during the summer months that my hair is so blonde)!

God also blessed me with fair skin. I don't tan. At all. I burn. Every time. I've spent many sessions the tanning beds but that was before Baby Girl came along. I am so thankful for capris in the summer because it's my own personal way to cover my "blindingness." But this summer is going to be different. For some reason, I see myself being a skirt girl during the hot months which means I have to find a solution for the "blindingness" problem. Solution: Jergens Natural Glow. I've used it before and I love it.

And as for skirt girl, I bought I nice cotton skirt at Target this week and Old Navy has their regularly priced $25 skirts on sale for $15! Check it out!

I simply left out a very important piece of information on Monday during my rant: I actually bought three items from Forever 21. I didn't lie. I simply didn't know if I would keep the thin, slinky, tight-fitting shirts. Not blouses. Shirts. As in t-shirts. I spent over $60. Which brings me to my point: I took them back to Forever 21 today. Or, at least I tried.

Can you believe that this store will only give store credit for returns? The sales clerk/manager would not give me credit on my debit card. I wasn't happy about that at all!! Then, she had the audacity to ask me why I was returning the items. By this time, she had ticked me off and I felt like telling her, "Well, they've actually been in the trunk of my car for the last seven days..." but I didn't. Instead, I told her the exact same thing I said on my blog on Monday: "I'm too fat to wear these clothes!"

The sales clerk/manager looked appauled. Really. And tried to sweet-talk her way into telling me how skinny I was compared to her (which I was...) and that she could wear the clothes she sold so I should certainly be able to wear the clothes. Ha!

As she handed me my gift card with my $60 on it - something for me to hafta keep up with because, after all, if I happen to loose it (God forbid), it would be like throwing away money (which is what I most certainly did last week....) - she told me that beginning in April, the store would actually begin selling bigger sizes....XLs and all the way up to XL1 and XL2. She said that they would be going to size 32 in jeans. Then she looked at me and said, "You don't like tight fitting clothes, do you?" I had to hold myself back. After all, Alise was sitting ever-so quietly in her stroller listening to the entire conversation. Mommie didn't need to be the devil today.

So, on to little girl fashion. Walmart and Target style. If I'm skirt girl this summer, then Alise will be sundress queen! Black sundress with tiny white polka dots! Loved this! Nice enough for Baby Girl to wear to church.

A birthday gift for Alise's friend Addison.

Walmart. This came in so many colors!

Walmart. Loved the "bandana look."



  1. Anonymous10:24 PM

    I can't believe that return policy!! Ridiculous!!! You crack me up, telling her your reasons for returning the shirts,lol!! Loving those dresses for Alise!! I'm a huge fan of capris too. I'm so excited for summer!

  2. super cute stuff! I can't believe you are not allowed to return to that store. You should just buy jewelry or something to use the card? Like that bathing suit and the pink/white striped dress a lot!

  3. Oh gosh, don't even get me started about Forever 21!! GRRRR. I bought some cool cheapie "cocktail" rings online after seeing Kelly's blog. I have always been a size six on my ring finger--ok, for like 25 years. I KNOW my ring size. My lower half of my body couldn't fathom getting into an outfit from this store, but I figured if they labeled their rings as "size 6" then it was worth a shot. I couldn't get those rings on my finger to save my life. And do you think we have that store HERE?? Nope. So, the girlie from customer service basically told me TOO BAD. I feel the rings were misrepresented in the description. It is as if I just opened the window and threw my $17 out. That just irks me. They get an "F" in customer service, quite frankly. Thanks for letting me therapize. ;) LOL.

    I don't tan either..never have. The joy of Irish skin. I remember being in high school and using that QT lotion (anyone old enough to remember that stuff?). It turned me a beautiful shade of bright orange. Imagine covering up that dye for a few weeks. HA!

    Thanks for the laughs and memories, Laura.



  4. We have the oink wal-mart dress--love it. Alsop got it in green! I was looking at the Old Navy skirts online last night--do you like them in person? Do they fit well? I may have to get a couple!

  5. Anonymous8:43 AM

    Ella has the same cover- up! I was in Wal-mart yesterday and noticed lots of cuteness in the little girl department. I unfortunately withheld from buying, because I spent my was the day before at the gymbo sale:(

    That return policy is terrible!

  6. All I can say is "amen sista"! I don't shave my legs every day during the Winter months (I should). You would have laughed at me the other day. When we went to Peggy's for the day, I insisted on wearing shorts because it was so hot. Well, I had to bushhog my legs before wearing shorts. Now, can you see me 9 months pregnant, trying to shave. I butchered my legs. Before it was all done, I ended up putting nearly a box full of bandaids all over my legs. Poor Katie kept asking me what happened and insisted on checking out my boo-boos. As symphathic as Doug is laughed at me when he found out.

    Oh and I used Jengens last year and I loved it as well. Us Southern delicate milky skinned girls need all the help we can get. Ha!

  7. Guess what I bought at Wal-Mart yesterday (not the cute dresses! the boys would not have liked that at ALL!!)? The razor and Jergen's lotion!! Guess that's why we're friends!! I just laughed when I read your post.

    I have a prize for you tomorrow.....if you're coming and not paying me back for last week!

  8. I have never been tan in my entire life. I just burn too. So I definitely have to go buy some of that lotion!

  9. That's a terrible return policy...what happened to the good 'ol days of "receipt=refund"?? ugh.

    And sister, I'm with you on the fake ain't seen pastey 'til you've seen my legs. I'm just hoping I don't embarrass the little king at mommy-and-me swim class {hence the reason for the new swimsuit...vacation, I wish!}

    Good luck with spending your $60!

  10. Try Loreal Sublime's the best! Use it on my face, arms & legs all the time and I never smells it. It absorbs really quickly. Heck I may even blog about that today! Oh and to answer your questions I'm a clinical research associate at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. What about you?

  11. Power to the pale people, sista! I have the same "Lack o' tanning prowess" problem. Sigh.... I figure I at least get the last laugh when all those sun worshipers age and look like talking baked potatoes!