Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Check out SITS

Check out The Secret is in the Sauce for some A-Mazing Giveaways!

I'm just sayin'....

And if you win anything, I get half!! Ha!

P.S. Stay tuned! I'm having my own little Give Away next week to CELEBRATE my blogiversary!!


  1. YAY!! I'm getting close to 100 posts myself.....trying to think of what I coud giveaway! hehe

  2. The circus sounds like it was tons of fun!! I've heard of other children being scared of clowns too!! Wonder why when they look so happy!!

    It is so neat for you to have that 3 generation picture of you, your mom, and Alise. All 3 of you are just beautiful!!

    I love Alise's cake she picked out! I'm jealous! I dont' recall ever having a cool cake!! :-)

  3. I plan on checking out the SITS giveaways tomorrow...sounds like some cool stuff being given away!! I'll look forward to your giveaway as well!