Sunday, March 15, 2009

Calling All Ebayers

You're never going to believe this, but last Friday, I got an email from a sweet girl named Kelly. She came across my blog and recognized the picture of the lavender Strausburg dress that I had posted on my blog last Thursday. After a few details - and as truth would have it - the exact dress that I was thinking about buying off Ebay was Kelly's auction!! How neat is that?! Talk about a small world! I was so excited and Kelly was so sweet to share her Ebay story with me. Then, I read Leigh's comment to "just do it" and that's all I needed to buy the dress! Yes, Miss Alise is the new, proud owner of a lavender Strausburg dress and Mommie is SO excited!! Looks like it's lavender for the fourth Easter in a row!

On Saturday morning, Alise and I ran errands. We picked up the gifts for my Blogiversary Giveaway starting this Wednesday! I don't want to give to much away right now, but I will give a teny, tiny hint tomorrow! Stay tuned!! We paid the deposit at the museum for her party, which is scheduled for the first Saturday in May. Then, we went sandal shopping in 40 degree weather at a local boutique that I like to shop. We found a pair of white sandals for church this summer. I'm not even going to waste my time trying to find a pair of white patton shoes this year because Alise only wanted to wear sandals to church last year.

On Saturday afternoon, Wayne and I went to see the movie, "Taken." Let me just say two things without giving the movie away - because I do think it is a movie worth seeing. One, Liam Neeson is my new hero (not much to look at, but my new hero, none the less). Two, Alise will NEVER - I repeat NEVER - go to a foreign country by herself. That's it. Go see it and let me know what you think.

This afternoon, I went to pick up all my items that didn't sell in the Monroe Munchkin Market this weekend. Out of about 50 pieces, I only had about ten things that didn't sell and I thought that was great!! Now, I am beginning to list things on Ebay. I'm hoping to receive a big, fat check in the mail in a few weeks. Okay. Maybe not that fat, but at least enough to pay for the Strausburg dress! If you are a reader of my blog and you have a little girl that wears sizes 3 months to 3T, let me know and I will be more than happy to show you what I have in a particular size. I would love to sell items to my readers!

Call us crazy, but Wayne and I have been watching, "Celebrity Apprentice." We're not Trump fans and I honestly don't know how we even got started watching this show, but.... All I can say is that Tom Green is an idiot!! As for reality shows, the only one that we've watched together in the past is "Survivor" and we haven't watched it in several seasons. Then, I became a big "Idol" watcher during the last five seasons, but I haven't had a chance to get into it this year because I usually walk on Tuesday nights. Wayne was kind enough to Tivo last week's episode, but I have yet to watch it.

What are your favorite reality shows?



  1. I wish you had of said size 4. I think you have great taste in kids clothes. Someone will get some cute clothes!!

  2. Anonymous10:18 PM

    Can't wait to see Alise in her dress! It's so pretty and perfect for Miss Alise!! I'm a big Idol fan!!! I love to catch The Biggest Loser finale, just to watch the transformations!

  3. I am so glad you got the dress! I am eBaying this weekend but for now all of my Scrapbook stuff. I am going digital!

    My reality shows:

    Biggest Loser
    Celebrity Apprentice
    Hell's Kitchen
    Millionaire Matchmaker
    Real Housewives of NYC or OC
    Top Chef
    Flippin Out
    Shear Genius
    Dancin with the stars

    pretty much all of them!

  4. Hey There...What do you have in 24 months and up?

    Also, we love Reality TV...

    The Amazing Race
    Biggest Loser
    Big Brother

  5. Glad you got the Strasbourg dress. Hubby just told me they filed for bankruptcy--isn't that horrible!

  6. What a small, small world we live in! Glad you got the dress!

    I watched Taken a couple of weeks ago and I agree with everything you was so scary, but you know things like that happen!

    I used to be a big reality tv watcher, no I don't really watch much of anything except Grey's and Brothers & Sisters if I am lucky! I long for a TiVo! You are a Lucky Duck!

  7. I think maybe I'd like to be your daughter too.

    She will look precious in that dress.

    ~hippo hugs~

  8. Doug and I love to watch: Hell's Kitchen, Celebrity Apprentice & American Idol. Peggy & Millard have tried to get us into Dance's With The Stars, but it runs into our Trump time. Maryann said that I've got to check out Flippin Out. She gets tickled w/the people when they are in over their head.

    Congratulations on the new dress!

    I want to know if you guys have had any bits on your houses? I haven't heard any updates.

  9. Long ago, I realized that my children need to wear things that were comfortable (that's why they've never owned patent leather anything! LOL). With a third child, you worry about it even less. :-)

    I actually think Liam Neeson is a cutie!

  10. Glad you got the dress! You, er, I mean, she deserves it;)

    We watch Survivor and Flippin' Out.