Monday, February 16, 2009

Yes Me Monday!!

Most of my close friends and family that read my blog have been thoroughly confused with the whole “Not Me Monday” thing. The bottom line is that it’s a carnival that began with Mckmama being completely honest about the things you did (NOT) do. So to save their brain cells in regards to really having to comprehend my crazy self, I’ve decided to call this “Not Me Monday” the “Yes Me Monday” post. I’ll be sharing with you all the things that I most certainly DID do this past week!

1. My husband paid me the biggest compliment ev-ah by noticing my shrinking waist last week. And it wasn’t even Valentine’s Day! Yep, I have lost three inches and ten pounds since January 5th. A sweet co-worker also commented on my thinning face. I would have so much liked to have heard the word, “thighs” from her instead...not that I actually want another woman looking at my thighs, but you get the picture. And oops! There’s a “not.” Sorry. Anyway, I really do want a new pair of jeans. The one pair I own right now is falling off of me. I may have to resort to a piece of rope to help keep my jeans up. I really don’t own a belt and haven’t since Alise was born; I truly cannot remember the last time I tucked a shirt in my jeans and wore a belt! It’s called the “lost waist” phenomenon that unfortunately happens once you have a baby.

2. Having said #1, I ran to Wal-mart last Tuesday before work with intentions on getting a new mop (per the maid’s request) and made a straight b-line to the King Cake table as soon as I walked through the sliding door. I walked out of Wal-mart carrying only a mop and a $7 strawberry-filled King Cake. I emailed my staff to let them know that there was “cheap King Cake” in the break room! I ate a piece of King Cake with my Slim-Fast on Wednesday. I also ate pizza with my Slim-Fast on Sunday.

3. Move over English muffins and yogurt! I am in love with my new breakfast staple: Owens’ Breakfast Burritos. They are only 175 calories for one. I have also discovered Special K Bliss Raspberry bars for 90 calories. Yum, yum, yum! I love finding new treats to eat!

4. Alise told us last week that she was going to be a dentist and a ballerina when she grew up. Hel-low, tuition! Is there such a thing as a ballet scholarship?

5. I passed Dr. Stanley in his truck twice last week in the parking lot at the hospital. I wanted to let him know how much I needed him last Saturday when Alise had her accident. I wondered if I would be in his office within the week – as usual, but so far, so good. No major accidents this weekend – unless you count Gerry the Giraffe’s tongue touching Alise’s hand. Antibacterial wipes, please? I’m beginning to think that Doc and I have to actually “speak” to one another for our old rule to apply.

6. Alise and I pulled up in the parking lot of her Catholic school this morning jamming to “Dancing Queen.” We had the head and hand movements going on and it was so much fun! She nearly knows all the words to the chorus. I can’t wait to get her on video singing to our favorite ‘70’s hit!

7. I have VPLs today, but not bad enough to change clothes or put on another layer of support. I blame my thinner, lighter colored pants that I’m wearing today. The wrong kind of panties will get you every time, Girls! I can’t help wondering exactly what those VPLs would look like with those ten pounds back on. Whew! I stress about VPLs! What can I say?

8. I am SO thankful for the kind woman that honked her horn at me while I was driving Alise to Awana’s last night. She nearly ran me off the road to tell me that my cell phone was on the back of my trunk. I had put it on top of the car to put Alise in her car seat and I forgot about it. I heard a “thu-thump” and wondered what on earth it could be. My cell phone had fallen from the roof of the car and was stuck to the top of my trunk. Thank goodness for my pink rubber blackberry protector! The rubber helped the phone stay attached even with my fast driving!

9. And last but not least, I think I am getting sick again. I think it may be a relapse of the bronchitis/sinus infection that nearly sent me to an early grave back in November. My throat hurts and my body kinda aches….kinda feels like I’ve been doing sit-ups and Lord KNOWS I haven’t been doing that!!

Have a GREAT "Yes Me Monday"!!



  1. congrats on the weight loss!!! Yeah! Happy Monday

  2. Yay Laura!! You are doing SO great with the weight loss!! And glad you got your Blackberry off your trunk! Kevin would break in sweat without it,lol! Have a great Monday :-)

  3. Great job on the weight loss. I like your moms for modesty button too.

  4. I am so happy for your healthy habits and the results! I thought the same thing (thinner face) when I was looking at your zoo pics! Fingers crossed you don't get too sick!! I think I am about over mine!

  5. Hi Laura,

    I, for one, did understand "Not Me Monday", but I also understand this. You are doing so great with your weight loss. Ten pounds is fabulous. I'm back on mine, but have given in to Mocha's three times since we've been here.

    And, yes, there ae ballet scholarships; at least dance scholarships. My daughter had one for four years. The dentist is a better money maker though.

    ~hippo hugs~

  6. What a fun spin on Not Me! Monday :) Congrats on doing so well with your weight loss. Keep me in your thoughts as I travel home to stay with family that loves to eat! And we will be having 2 parties there for TemTem. Oh, I will need some will-power!

  7. took me a sec to get the "VPL" but I finally got it :)

    i think i'm slowly on the mend from knocking on death's door for the last 3 weeks. i know how you feel though!!

  8. oh and YAY for 10lbs and 3 inches!

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  10. Holy weight loss, Laura! Congratulations. Number one is obviously my favorite item from this post because your hard work and dedication are paying off. Well done.

    I also like the fact that you used the word "ev-ah." Made me laugh. I don't ev-ah think I have seen that one typed out.

    Great NMM's. Love that you embraced the "yes, me" theme too. Keep it up. Much more positive and original. :)


  11. Wow, you sure did a lot mors than I did. Of course since I just laid around being sick, doing more than me was not that hard. LOL!!

    Yay for the weight loss!! I have been fitting with my weight since Zoe was born!!!

    I'll have to check out those burritos! They sound great!!

    Hope you don't end up too sick!! I will definitely empathize with you!!

  12. Aww, feel better soon!

  13. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    Congrats on the weight loss! Great Not Me's. Thank God for those rubber things for your phone. It has saved me many of times!

  14. Yay for you! I love that you ate cake with your Slim-Fast. LOVE IT!!