Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - Not Quite

I have THE best friend in the world!!

Leigh read my complaints yesterday about not having any new (scab-free, bruise-free, pre-accident) pictures of my Baby Girl to post. She sent me these pictures last night of Jonah and Alise on Super Bowl Sunday (which reminded me that I never even posted the pictures from that party....SO unlike me! If anyone was holding their breath for those pics, they're long dead by now!)

I just LOVE these pictures! Alise has SUCH a crush on Jonah! And aren't they just perfect for Valentine's Day? He came with Leigh to the house on Saturday before we went to the ER and I don't even think I said "Hello." Leigh said that he was worried about Alise and when I told her that, she smiled. If Jonah doesn't marry Gracie first, he can marry Alise. He has my permission.

Thanks so much, Leigh! These pictures made me smile!


  1. I remember Jonah from the daycare...he was always THE cutest little boy!!

  2. You're too sweet!! I LOVE the picture where they're looking at each other. Just wait till they're older and we show them that picture....

    I think you're a pretty great friend too!!! We've got to make up our movie date soon!

  3. Your daughter is GORGEOUS! And I love that she's wearing UGA red. Goooooooooo Dawgs! (Yeah, not a Bama fan...sorry.) Ha!

  4. Those are such great pictures! They look like they enjoy one another so much.

  5. If they do get married, having these photos together will be SO precious! I have a photo of Michael and myself from when we were 2 and 3 and it's my favorite photo ever.

  6. Anonymous11:17 AM

    Those pictures are precious!!!

  7. Anonymous6:14 PM

    These are beautiful pictures!!! They make quite the cute couple ;-)