Thursday, February 12, 2009

Pre-Valentine Day Pictures

The Horton's Valentine's Day started a few days early.

Today I made Alise a PB&J sandwich for her lunch and used a heart shaped cutter for the design. She also likes the Little Debbie heart shaped snack cakes, so she got one of those in her lunch today, too. I put them in heart zip lock baggies that I bought at the Dollar Store. On the way to school, I told her that I had a "surprise" in her lunch and she bugged me about it until I finally showed her when we got to school. Do you know what that little turkey said? She said, "That's not a surprise." All my hard work was very unappreciative! Tomorrow she's eating mini corn dogs in the cafeteria.

This picture was taken before school this morning. This is your first glimpse of her face since the accident and I must say that it looks 80% better (I didn't do a close up for a reason). If you had told me in the ER Saturday night that her face would look this much better, I would have said there was no way possible. You can barely see the black eye and bruising on her left side. It's time to begin the ointment for the scarring. I plan to buy some tomorrow.

This is Alise putting the Valentine to her Nana & Papaw in the mailbox. Look at those tip-toes! We got a Valentine card and Walmart gift card from Cousin Katie today. Thank you, Katie!

I took Alise to "Pajama Jam" tonight at our local library. The kiddies get to wear their pj's to the library for story time. Afterwards, they get to have cookies and milk. Tonight's books and stories revolved around Valentine's Day. Alise loved it!
I actually got some good news today! A friend that I work with is on the board at Alise's school. He forwarded me an email stating that the Louisiana legislature had passed a bill that states that individuals that send their children to private schools will get a 50% tax credit on their state income tax returns beginning the 2009 filing year. That's 50% off tuition and all related expenses (uniforms, fees, etc.). I asked Jim if it pertained to private Catholic schools only and he said no, that it applied to all private schools. Yipee!! Finally a break!

I think I am finally caught up on all my blog reading! It seems like alot of us have got the Winter Blue's or sickness big time! I'm praying for some warm, sunshiny weather for everyone soon!

Thank you to everyone for your sweet thoughts regarding my grandmother. Please remember my family in your prayers tomorrow. The Celebration of her life will be tomorrow at 1:00. My mother is doing as well as can be expected. Her sweet friends are ministering to her in a special way.

I wanted to mention Twitter to everyone. I heart Twitter. I love following my friends and communicating with them and it's so easy with my blackberry. It's similar to the "status" option on Facebook. You can follow me on Twitter (I just prefer it better than FB) by reading my Twitter uploads in the right margin of my blog or by commenting and asking for my sign on. I say all this because this will probably be the way I will communicate and update everyone while we're in Disney. Right now, taking the laptop isn't something I'm wanting to do.

Have a GREAT Valentine's weekend!



  1. I will be thinking of you tomorrow.

    Happy Valentine's weekend to you and that little sweetie as well!!
    (she looks great)

  2. Alise looks so great! I thought she was going to look so much worse.

    Happy early Valentine's Day!

  3. You're welcome! We hope you guys enjoy your special Valentine's Day today and tomorrow with Alise. She's precious!

    Yeah, these pictures didn't look as bad as the one from the hospital. It's amazing how kids heal quickly.

  4. Oh honey! I'm so very sorry about your grandmother.

    Alise looks great. I really thought it was going to be so much worse.

    I claim that next week will be a better work for you, my sweet friend;)

  5. Laura--

    You are such an AWESOME Mommy, right down to the heart shaped P+J sandwich.

    Alise is so beautiful--a beauty even with the battle wounds (they look good--healing!). She is a DOLL! Just loved this post!! Thanks so much for making my day.



  6. I'm just catching up after several days away. I'm sorry about your grandmother. Prayers are with you and your family.

    Alise's face really looks good. I'm sure she will be no worse for the wear.

    Have a Happy Valentine's Day.

    ~hippo hugs~

  7. What a sweet face. Its not as bad as I thought it would be. Children do heal fast. Love your blog read it every day! By the way cant find you on twitter. mine is lcrmum.

  8. Anonymous12:10 PM

    I was thinking of you on Friday. Alise looks like she's doing so great, and she is precious as always!! What a great mommy you are making her such a fun Valentine's lunch! I'm impressed even if Alise wasn't,lol!!