Sunday, February 08, 2009

Our Night in the ER

My heart just breaks to type this post.

Wayne and I agreed not to post pictures.

Alise spent the night with her Nana & Papaw Friday night. When she got home Saturday afternoon, she and I enjoyed the gorgeous weather by playing outside in her Cinderella playhouse, riding bikes and playing with her sand and water table. Wayne tinkered on his new "toy."

I'll just lay it out there.

Wayne and Alise were puttering (not fast at all) around the yard and Alise fell out of the "toy." It was more like a flip, if I remember correctly.

I was videoing the entire thing but I refuse to publish it. I've only watched the video one time myself. I can't watch it again. It amazes me how everything was great one minute (me laughing on the video) to only a few seconds later, seeing blood everywhere. As soon as the accident happened, I screamed and dropped the video camera. The little girls down the street - who saw the entire accident - later knocked on the door and returned my video camera.

Alise was bleeding from her nose and mouth. I had never seen so much blood. Her teeth were red. I picked her up and carried her in the house. Wayne wasn't far behind me - the toy still running in the yard. We tried our best to get her calmed down but she was hysterical and I wasn't far from it. I had to remind myself through out this whole ordeal that I had to hold myself together for Alise's sake. Then she threw up - alot - and I was worried about a concussion. I told Wayne to call Leigh and ask her to come over to the house so I could get another mother's opinion. Alise's nose and lip began to swell and she started talking out of her head, so to speak. She kept saying, "Mommie, it was all a bad dream. It was a bad dream." Wayne and I were constantly asking her if anything else hurt and how many fingers we were holding up. We noticed tire marks on her back.

By the time Leigh got to the house to check her out, Alise wasn't acting right to me. She wouldn't hardly talk (was talking up a storm when she was hysterical) and just sorta seemed to stare off. With the swelling, she didn't even look like my little girl. Leigh advised us to go to the ER which we did. We had to fight her all the way to the ER to stay awake. I knew she didn't need to go to sleep.

Of course, the wait was long, but since they were treating it as a MVA (motor vehicle accident because the toy was moving when the accident happened), they bumped us. Some bump.

I was running down the hall with Alise to the nearest bathroom because she was throwing up again when the nurse called us back to an ER room.

Another long wait.

The first thing the ER doctor wanted to know was what happened. We explained and the next thing he said was, "Well, I hope you guys have learned something from this." I never wanted to crawl up under a bed in a nasty, stinky ER before in my life! He examined her and said that he wanted to do x-rays. He said he was concerned about broken teeth but he didn't feel any broken facial bones. He said normally children at Alise's age still have very soft facial tissue.

I had to help with the x-rays, if you can imagine trying to take pictures of a three year old's face while she was on her stomach.

More waiting.

The doctor came back in the room and said the x-rays looked fine. Big sigh of relief. But by this time, Alise had started throwing up again and he wouldn't let us leave until she drank some apple juice and could keep it down.

More waiting. A friend from church came by and stayed with us. My mom and dad - who had arrived about the time we got called back to a room in the ER - came in for one last kiss. Alise eventually fell asleep. She was out.

Around 9:15, the nurse came in and said we were free to go. Diagnosis: mild concussion and facial bruising.

She has felt better today...a little more active, but we've taken it slow...laid around on the couch alot and watched movies. Her appetite finally began to pick up around noon and she could finally keep things down. She and I took a nap this afternoon and I noticed that the swelling in her lip had gone down quite alot, but it's still swollen. She is swollen and scabbed over from her forehead to her chin. I'm worried about a scar on her upper lip. The ER nurse mentioned the derma cream for scars to us when we were leaving the hospital. We've kept ice on everything as much as we could.

I called Alise's teacher tonight to let her know what had happened so that she could share it with the class tomorrow. We're not planning on sending Alise to school for a few days but I didn't want the kids in her class to be totally shocked when they saw her face.

We were outside this afternoon getting some fresh air and I mentioned to Wayne that I needed to run to the grocery store to get a few things. Alise said, "Mommie, I want to go with you." I said, "Baby, I don't think you need to go. I think you should stay home." She understood what I was saying. She said, "Mommie, I don't care what I look like. I want to go with you."

As I write those words, I have tears streaming down my face. I am the first to admit that it was a very poor judgement call to let Alise ride on the toy, but honestly, she and her daddy weren't going fast at all. We never dreamed that something like this would have happened. We're not in the habit of endangering our daughter or making wrong decisions when it comes to her care. I am just so thankful that nothing was broken and that she wasn't hurt worse. As the swelling begins to subside, I am beginning to see the beauty of my little girl again. No scars can or will ever change who and what she means to me.

This afternoon, when we were walking out the door, someone - we think it is the little girls from down the street - left a white teddy bear on our door step. Alise has clung to it all day. She still doesn't quite understand why they left it. We told her it was because they cared about her. Nana & Papaw brought her an icee and M&Ms this afternoon, too. She smiled for the first time in nearly 24 hours and I was so, so grateful for that. I never knew a crooked smile with a swollen lip and a red rudolph nose could make me smile, too.



  1. Well, 1st of all - not your fault you did nothing wrong and your child was not being endangered. That said, wow, I am glad she was ok! I have taken Sofia to the ER only once, she fell off of my bed (which is high) and wacked her forehead on the edge of a tray-type side table, needless to say in the 5 seconds it took to get across the bed to her, it looked as if a golf ball was under her forehead! I took her to the ER because it almost split open from the swelling. Those are such scary places.

    I hope she starts to feel better - and you will see, her fears will go away--but I don't think ours ever do!

  2. Laura, you are a wonderful mother! Please don't blame yourself! I am so glad Alise is o.k! What a long hard weekend you had.... but glad everything turned out o.k. Our prayers are with you and Alise. I hope you have a good week =)

  3. Anonymous9:36 PM

    Laura, do not blame yourself one bit!! Nobody is at fault, it was just an accident, and accidents happen! I am SO glad to hear that Alise is going to be okay and is recovering nicely. That was so sweet of your neighbors to leave the bear for her. And I just want to say, what a terrible thing for the ER doctor to say to you! Shame on him! Take care and let me know if you need anything! Give your sweet girl a hug from me!!

  4. Oh, Laura! I am crying right now! I was just telling Darren the other day that I don't know HOW I will handle it the first time Caroline gets hurt! It sounds like you were great under the pressure...I'm not sure I'd be the same.

    I'm thinking of little Miss Alise tonight...praying she'll feel better soon! (and you, too!)

  5. You're doing a great job, so do not beat yourself up about this. Accidents happen. Kids are bouncy. :P

  6. That ER doctor definitely should have had more compassion! What a jerk! You have learned - you don't need a lecture.

    I'm so glad she is okay.

  7. I'm so sorry, Laura! I know ya'll are great parents and please don't be hard on yourself about this. It was an accident. I'm so glad that Alise is already showing signs of improvement! Please keep us updated on how she feels.

  8. Oh Laura, I am so sorry. Please don't blame yourself, you and Wayne are wonderful parents to your little girl. It was an accident. I am so angry at the ER doctor, for making you doubt yourself.

    I will be praying and thinking of Alise in the next few days as she recovers. And, for you as well as your heart recovers.

    Love, Pam

  9. I'm so, so sorry to hear about the accident! And they are accidents, so don't place any blame on yourself (and don't give that mean ER doc another thought). It's so scary how fast things can happen, and it makes you realize just how thankful you are to have a happy, healthy child. Hope she feels better soon!

  10. Don't beat yourself up because accidents will happen. I'm so glad Alise is doing better.

    Give her a hug and kiss for us. We love you!

  11. oh how scary! Im glad to hear she is on the mend. Poor baby....and poor Mommy too!

  12. Accidents happen and I am so glad to hear that Alise wasn't seriously injured! What a scary thing to happen...I cannot even imagine how you were feeling seeing your precious little girl hurt. I will keep y'all in my prayers!

  13. Anonymous11:14 AM

    OH NO! I am so sorry to hear about Alise. :( And it is true, you weren't treated right--so punitive. What is wrong with that doctor? Remember that sentiment when you receive your customer service questionnaire in the mail. Seriously. I hope you all got some rest and are on the mend. HUGS!

    ((((((ALISE))))))) Feel better very soon, doll!!!


  14. Oh, I'm so glad she is not seriously hurt! I can't imagine being so scared for my child! I hope that she heals quickly.

  15. I'm so glad everyone is going to be okay.
    Two years ago I was driving the 4 wheeler and went up a slip embankment and almost flipped the 4 wheeler with my cousin's step daughter on it. My family still likes to "tease" me about it. I don't find the teasing funny at all, seriously. I wasn't trying to be wreckless.
    Accidents do happen. I understand.

  16. Oh, No! I just read your post and I'm soooo sorry! It it so horrible and scary when they get hurt, but you guys shouldn't beat yourselves up about it. You know how kids are , even if you kept them in a plastic bubble, they'd find a way to injure themselves. I'm so glad they got you right in at the Er and that she's ok and recovering. I remember when Noah hurt his face really badly once and I was so scared to take him out in public b/c I was afraid someone would see him and think I was the worst parent ever! BTW, if you think of that docs name, I know a few blogger friends who'd like to give him a piece of their minds---right upside his head! Who says that to scared parents? What a dork.

  17. I'm glad she's okay and nothing worse happened. Don't beat yourself up. You didn't know it would happen, and you didn't do it intentionally. Hang in there. :)

  18. Oh Laura! Please know it wasn't your fault or Wayne's. Accidents will happen. You handled it all so well. (and you know about our ER docs!!)

    I love y'all!

  19. Laura, things happen sweetie. But I know the heart of a parent and we don't feel that way when we are the ones in charge. Try to take heart in the fact that the Lord was there with his hand in it...she is going to be okay. Hug her for me and have Wayne hug you! You will be more delicate with her for a while...but don't live your lives in fear...HUGS!

  20. Oh, Laura...bless all your hearts'. And please don't feel guilty; it sounds like you were doing what many parents would do. Playing, not going extra-fast, just not thinking about what might could happen....we would all do the same thing.

    I can only imagine how scary this was for you, and we Moms can all relate. But it sounds like you did great taking care of her and watching over her. Thank goodness she is fine. And I know she will back to normal soon!

    Hugs to all of you!!

  21. I am so glad that Alise is okay. I am sure the whole thing was frightening and it all happened in slow motion. I do think the ER doctor was a bit rough. You and your hubby already felt bad enough! Accidents do happen with kiddos and adults.

  22. Laura,
    I am so sorry tho hear about Alise's accident. I hope she is feeling much better.