Sunday, February 01, 2009

Not Me Monday

It's been a few weeks since I've played. Check out McKmama's site to see what she and everyone else have NOT been up to this past week. Here goes:

1. It was NOT an absolutely gorgeous Saturday here in northern Louisiana. Baby Girl and I did NOT go to the park and enjoy some radiant sunshine and fresh air. We did NOT stay two hours and also have a picnic of sandwiches, 100-calorie chips, vanilla wafers and water. I was NOT upset over the mo-rons who have decided to vandilize our small park with graffiti.

2. I have NOT heard the word, "Facebook" about a million times this week. It does NOT seem like everyone thinks it's the latest, greatest thing ev-ah. I have NOT had a FB page for a while, so I do NOT understand what all the fuss is about. Honestly, I can NOT remember what my password is. That's how long it's been since I've NOT been on FB. And obviously, I do NOT need a new profile pic, either. Oh, and I did NOT stay up on FB last night until midnight.

3. I was NOT totally disappointed about this. It did NOT remind me that at some point, everyone will let you down.

4. Alise did NOT get up yesterday morning rip-roaring ready to put on her BAMA cheerleading outfit. Obviously she and her daddy had been talking and he okay'ed it for her to wear it to church for Day of Champions. Only, we didn't make it to church so then she did NOT want to wear it to Claudia's birthday party. She was NOT excited to finally get to put the outfit on for the Super Bowl Party.

5. I did NOT totally abandon the diet train yesterday. By one o'clock, I had NOT already fed my face with a (one) slice of pizza, cake and ice cream. I will NOT tell you what all I ate at the Super Bowl Party. And I did NOT jump on the scales this morning to see what all that little (ha!) grazing session yesterday cost me in poundage.

6. Last Wednesday, I did NOT pick up my blackberry, stuff it in my already bulging purse, pick up my coat and nearly walk out on my job! The only thing that did NOT save me was the fact that I could NOT find my secretary to let her know that I was "outta here!" (That part is true. My secretary is never at her desk). Wednesday was NOT a bad day for me. I did NOT have a double migraine or become a Wednesday Night Bible Study drop-out!

7. Alise's fish, Cinderella, did NOT have a gazillion babies last week. Do NOT ask me what happened to all of them. The least I know, the better.

8. I could NOT just about kill the person that introduced me to Sonic's Cherry Vanilla Diet Cokes (with extra ice). I can NOT remember who that person is, but they (drink) are my new Sonic fettish.

9. I do NOT think that I am having a bronchitis relapse. I have NOT been coughing my head off. Baby Girl does NOT have a cold, either.

10. Wayne and I did NOT decide to spend the extra money and rearrange our Disney Birthday trip so that we could see our little Ballerina dance at her first recital in May.

11. I did NOT have a blast with my "Philosophy Giveaway." I do NOT promise to do it again, soon!

12. I did NOT pull into the parking lot this morning jamming to a little Hootie on the radio and slurping my Cherry Vanilla Diet Coke (with extra ice).

Have a great Monday!


  1. Happy Monday! Busy week for you!!
    and about the fish....

  2. These "not" posts are so difficult for me! Ha! Ha! I have to read them so carefully!!! :) :)

    Bryan told me about Phelps over the weekend and I was a little disappointed. I'm also a little crushed your bitter toward FB! Hee! Hee!!

  3. Yeah, that's right...thought I saw you hanging out on FB realllly late last night!!!

  4. Anonymous2:28 PM

    Happy Monday!! That's so sad about Michael Phelps, I hadn't heard that! Yeah, my diet was pretty much non existent this weekend with my birthday and the Superbowl happening,lol! Here's to a better week!!

  5. I don't get facebook myself. Even though I have 160 friends. Will someone please explain it to me?

  6. Love all the things you "Did Not" do this week.

    Hope this week is a really good one for you.

    I'm really considering starting a FB page. My kids and some of my friends do it. What do you think?

    ~hippo hugs~

  7. Feel better? You sure were full of a lot of Not Me's this week :)

    Facebook is fun, once you get back into you will like it and become addicted like the rest of us poor souls!

  8. If I had known you were back "actively" on facebook, I would've tagged you in my note today. No fear, I'll probably blog what I did anyway :)

  9. i'm with julie...i don't know if i'm intelligent enough to read these NOT posts!

    loved it though...

    so sad i didn't click over here in time for your giveaway...are the bloggy giveaways fun!?!