Sunday, February 22, 2009

My, What Big Tonsils You Have!!

Yes, the words I long to hear from all my doctors when I open up and say “Ahh!!” (Two points to the person that can name the rock group who had an album by that name in the ‘80’s!). I’ve been hearing it since my pediatrician first diagnosed me with tonsillitis back in the ‘70’s, but refused to take them out because it wasn’t cool. I had to suffer in those days. Other kids had ear problems; I had sore throats.

So I wasn’t surprised when I heard those words again this week when I was – yes, you guessed it – at the doctor’s office. The Bronchitis bug has struck again three months later. Not nearly as sick as I was in November, but I think it’s because I caught it early. Didn’t have to miss work, but I did get another shot and more drugs. Another inhaler, too. I think I may be getting asthma. Oh! And I also received instructions on the new “nostril cleaning procedure.” Haven’t tried that one yet. Hope I never have to. That just sounds gross!

So, needless to say, that’s why I haven’t been blogging.

Two friends cold-busted me, though, after my doctor’s appt on Wednesday. Leigh called to ask if they just passed me on the road and did I notice who was driving? Uh?! I was honest. I admitted that I was at Stein Mart having some “me” time before I had to pick Alise up from school. Leigh told me that if I was well enough to shop at Stein Mart that I was well enough to come to Bible Study that night. What a great friend to try and keep me in line!

Then, as I was checking out, a non-blogger friend – that I suggested needed to get a blog – called and said that she had just found out about Alise’s accident from her husband and went straight to my blog for the details! She said she had spent the last hour reading everything and was so up-to-date with the Horton’s. Woo-hoo!!

It’s out there, friends. I hold nothing back.

I’m even going to share with you the great deals I got at Stein Mart so I won’t feel so bad about missing Bible Study. All for Baby Girl, of course, for next year! A pink Hannah Montana fleece hoodie, a pair of black velvet pants, a Christmas shirt, a green plaid Christmas jumper and the matching Peter-pan red and white shirt to go underneath, all for $31!!

The proof is in the receipt!
Did you notice what I would have paid at full price?

Then, we did the "Horton Friday Night Ritual" (we can do it again now that hunting season is over...) and Wayne let me run in Dillard's. I bought Alise three pairs of nice cotton leggings in black, red, and leopard for $3.98 each and two turtle necks for $2 each for next year. Wayne found a pair of Crocs with the "fur" in them for $8 (regular price is $29.99!!) so we bought those for her for next year, too! All that for about $25!! That's less than the Crocs alone would have cost if they had not been on sale!! Sorry, I don't have pics of that great purchase!

I was so proud of myself! I haven’t scored that big in a long time!



  1. I was a die hard Poison fan in the early 90's so of course I know the answer! What does my 2 points get me? LOL!

  2. Oh, Open up and say Ahh. I was trying to remember the album titled My, what big tonsils you have!LOL

    What great deals you got!! I love to get to the US to get some deal shopping in. I love to go to Carters. Do you shop there?

  3. Anonymous8:58 PM

    N.I.C.E.!!! LOVING your deals! You and I are one in the same with our deal excitement!!!

  4. Love SWEET Deals!!!

  5. I didn't really say that, did I?? What a horrible friend I am!! (guess it's from being traumatized riding with a teenager!) Sorry! Guess I got my payback when I didn't get to stay for Bible Study either.

    Here's to a better week for both us!

  6. We have that jumper & I need my 2 pts. because I still love bret michaels, cc deville, ricki rocket & bobby dall!!!

  7. I just took my daughter for a check-up and the dr commented on how big her tonsils are...I hope it doesn't affect her as she goes along!

    My goodness, you got some seriously good deals!!!! Gotta love bargains!!!

  8. That would be Poison, who are still on my IPOD. "Talk Dirty to Me" is one of my alltime fave songs! I actually saw them in concert. FAB!

  9. I love great deals! I need to do a little bargain shopping.

  10. I hope you are better! You can always go with Caroline on April 2nd to get the tonsils out. ;) We are counting down the days (but are worried, too).

    I can't believe the sales you landed! WOW!!! We don't have Stein Mart or Dillard's up here. You have WAY more down in that hot, muggy south. Envious.

    Please take care of yourself (and those big tonsils). HUGS!