Monday, February 23, 2009

I'm SOOOOOOO On One!!!

First of all, let me just say that you know you are "ate up" when you have a fender-bender at 8:15 AM and the very first thing you want to do is Twitter so everyone knows about it.

Forget calling the police. Forget the husband, forget calling in to work and letting them know you'll be late. Forget the insurance company. Just Twitter It! (Don't look at my right margin. I didn't actually DO it, I said I wanted to!)

I think that would make a nice little jingle, don't you?! "Just Twitter it...Just a little bit!" Ha! I'm actually cracking myself up here in my fit of rage!

Second of all, I'm ON my soap box with my high heels throwing a big ol' Southern Belle style hissy fit!! Reader beware. Lots of use of the word "freakin' " coming up!

Here goes:

What freakin' idiot invented 4-lane traffic?! What freakin' idiot invented stop lights with no turn signals? Ya know? The little GREEN arrow?! Oh, let me guess! It must be the same idiot that believes in 4-lane traffic!! But, oh, NO! You couldn't POSSIBLY have this problem where YOU live! This problem only exists in a freakin' town in Louisiana!! Because I bet where YOU live, you have a MIDDLE lane for freakin' people who would like to TURN and not HOLD UP traffic at 8:00 in the morning?!!

Do ya get the picture?

For you poor, fortunate souls that live in this freakin' town that believes in no-middle-lane-traffic, the accident happened on 18th Street. I was headed North (toward Sonic, of course). I was behind two cars that were trying to turn left on to Hudson Lane, but facing oncoming traffic (they couldn't turn). I was in the left lane and the light was green - with no turn signal, of course. I looked in my rear view mirror - no cars coming - and swerved into the right lane, barely hitting a Honda Element that was in my blind spot in the process. I pulled over at Aaron's Pharmacy - home of the best freakin' burger in town - and we called the cops. Just guess how long we had to wait on the MPD! I'm glad no one was hurt.

Let me just state for the record that I am not a bad driver. I've never been involved in an accident before, but I did use poor judgement this morning. I would say that 95% of the time, I look behind me - not just in my rear view mirror - when I'm changing lanes. This morning I took my blindspot for granted. I didn't look and I paid the price.

I am fine. The lady in the other vehicle is fine and she was very nice. She and I were both taking different routes to work this morning than we normally do. I took full responsibility for the accident and we exchanged insurance information. There was no damage to her car at all. However, my car is dented above the front passenger tire. The lady's husband showed up and after surveying the damage (none) to his wife's vehicle, asked me if he could talk to the policeman about not issuing me a ticket. I told him that it wasn't necessary and that I would pay the ticket. After I was issued a citation - for careless operation and improper lane usage - the man asked me for the ticket number and said that he knew some people at MPD and would try to have the ticket dropped for me. I was shocked that they would do this and if something like this had to happen, I'm glad it worked so well in my favor. God was certainly watching out for me today and I am very thankful for that. I am thankful that I'm okay and that the other person was okay. I'm grateful that Alise wasn't in the car or that no extensive damage was done to my vehicle. Wayne seems to think a friend of ours can help take the dent out; it's really not even noticeable. We're not planning on filing the claim on our insurance.

Having said all that, always check your blind spots and don't live in a town that doesn't believe in freakin' turning lanes or signal arrows!!



  1. And, how was your day at work after this incident??

    I am so glad it was not any worse, and both you and the other driver were unharmed. Wow, her husband is one nice guy!!

    At least your police come to accidents, a couple of years ago a flatbed truck backed right over me. (he missed his turn and just put it in reverse) and the police wouldn't come. I had to go to an accident reporting center. My care was not drivable, but I had no choice because it needed to be reported in order to file a claim.

  2. Oh no...I hate that you had your wreck. And that whole traffic situation is crazy!!!

    (The important question is...did you ever get your Sonic?)

  3. I'm glad that no serious damage happened! All accidents are nerve wracking, no matter how minor!

  4. Oh dear! Glad no one was hurt!

  5. Anonymous4:21 PM

    Laura! So sorry to hear about your accident, but how nice was that other lady's husband?!? What a great guy!! Glad everyone is okay :-)

  6. SOOOOOO sorry about the accident. SOOOOO glad everyone and every thing is ok....but girl, you had me rolling. I mean to tell you, I was laughing out loud;)