Thursday, February 26, 2009

I Can't Believe It!

I can't believe that we are just under 90 days away from leaving for Disney! I get so excited just thinking about boarding that plane and heading to the Land of Magic! My heart just flutters when I think about Alise's expression when she sees Ariel for the first time! Gosh, I can't wait!!

I guess a little of this excitement can be blamed on Beth Moore's latest Bible Study, "Esther." Last night, our group watched a session in which Beth talked about a little girl's recent trip to Disney World and getting the chance to have dinner with Cinderella (I'm being evasive so that I don't give anything away about the Bible Study). After the family returned home, the little girl insisted on wearing her crown to church and school because, after all, she was a "Princess" and she had just dined with the "Queen of Princesses"! I couldn't help but think of my own Baby Girl. I could just picture Alise begging to wear her crown to Walmart, McDonald's, or the library. I can hear her say, "But Mommie! It's so pretty! I just have to wear it!"

I admit that I have already bought Alise's "Cinderella's costume dress." We plan to pay a visit to the "Bippity-Boppity Boo Boutique" for a dress-up session. However, being the tight-wad that I am, and assuming that the costumes would be so much more expensive at the Boutique, I went ahead and bought the dress (from Target) and we just plan to do the nails, hair and make-up. Having said all this, I was very disappointed when my soon-to-be-four-year-old informed me that she did not want to be Cinderella, but she wanted to go as Ariel instead. Ugh! Of course, we have that costume, too because she was the fun Mermaid for Halloween, but I wanted to say, "Alise! You can't insult Cinderella on your birthday by showing up at her castle dressed as Ariel!!" Of course, I'll let her go as which ever Princess she wants to be, but I've almost decided that I want her to wear "regular" birthday clothes for our lunch date and party and then she can dress up as which ever Princess she wants to be when we see all of them throughout Magic Kingdom.

I've been considering a photographer for our special party at Cinderella's castle. I've read about the Photopass. I also found a number to call in regards to having Disney portraits made. I would love to have a great picture of the three of us with the castle in the background. While doing some research, I think I read somewhere that there are photographers at all the character dinners/activities. Can anyone verify this for me? Do you know if this is true?

A few weekends ago, we drug out the old baby stroller. We have a Jeep stroller, but it doesn't have a storage place nor the priceless cup holders (The Horton's hafta have those!). So we were delighted to see that Alise could still ride in what we call the "baby stroller." After we took out all the baby padding, there was plenty of room for her to ride comfortably. Hello, airplane! Meet Stroller.

And last, but not least, I am working on a "special invitation" to arrive in the mail from Cinderella herself, inviting Alise to her castle on May 26th. More about that later.

I can't wait!!



  1. You will have a ball--we had Pinkie's third bday at Disney. We attended a princess dinner after she went to the BB Boutique and we had a special order cake that you can get through Disney--Pinkie said "This is the best life EVER!"

  2. so so jealous. We still have 198 days! Not that I am counting....well, the ticker on my blog is. Just got our plane tickets bought a few days less thing to worry about....

  3. Laura- When you go to the castle for your meal, prior to being seated, the photopass photographer will take Alise's picture with Cinderella. While you are eating, they will bring you printed pics of the, an 8x10 and a couple 4x5's I believe. This is included in the price of the don't have to do anything special. However, if you are using photopass (which I recommend you do), they can also swipe those pics on your card so you can get them on your photopass disc with all of your other pictures. I don't remember a photographer roaming around during the meal. As far as the castle goes, there are photopass photographer all around it...this is great for family pictures. Last year was our 3rd trip in 3 years...and I decided to just give photopass a test run. We used it a few times, but not often. When we got home, 3 of my favorite pics of the whole trip (think awesome family pics) were on it...I hadn't used it enough to justify buying the whole disc so I had to pay alot for a couple of prints. When we go in September, we will definately be using Photopass and getting the disc. FYI if you order the disc before you go, you save $25 off the price...and I believe the cost is refundable if you get home and decide you don't want it... Yay!!! Can't wait to pics of your girl at THE WORLD!

  4. I'm SO excited for you Laura!! I know you're going to have a wonderful time!!! We are thinking about Disney World for next year for the boys!!

  5. You are doing such extra special things for your time at Disney! Alise is going to have the most magical time that any little girl has exciting! I can't wait to hear about it!

  6. Can I come too!!! you are making this such a special trip for her! I can't wait to see pics!

  7. Since I live 24 miles from the big "D" we see the mouse pretty regularly.... but there is nothing like hearing about other peoples adventures when they come to O-town. I am SO excited for you all and can't wait to hear how the meetings with all the princesses went! Hint: there usually is a special place at all the parks where you can meet and greet all the characters. The one in Magic Kingdom is usually at TOON TOWN where Mickey and Minnie's House is. Also the Crystal Palace is a GREAT place to eat lunch or dinner with all the characters from Pooh. It is a buffet and they have a special "Kid" buffet. That is one of our favorite places to have a sit down meal. Casey's corner has great hot dogs for a meal on the go! :)

  8. Oh my goodness. You are the best mom. Ever. You are doing so much to make her birthday special! She'll have a blast.

  9. y'all are going to have so much fun!!!

    we want to go right now! every time we drive by the airport, lily wants to get on a plane and go to orlando. if it only were that easy!

    photo pass people are everywhere and their pictures are great quality...the best we got were during the character meals though.

    bring all the costumes! we only brought ariel (her fave too) but wished we had brought her other dresses too!

  10. If you don't want to drag your stroller along, you can rent them there. (just a thought) :)

  11. I'm so excited that you are going. I can't wait to be there in December!

    We ate at Cinderella's castle the last time we went and they will have a photo op with Alise, Cinderella and The Prince before you go upstairs to the restaurant part.

    I think we've always rented strollers - they're extra big so I think Alise could even lay down and take a nap in it if she wanted to. There's also room for your bags and things.

    I would see which rides you know you really want to do and see if it has FastPass. That will save you time.

    The Dole pineapple ice cream stand in Adventureland is AWESOME.