Thursday, February 05, 2009

Disney Attire

This post has been a long time coming. But I was waiting until all the pieces came in before I posted.

We have completely changed all the reservations and airfare plans we made so that we can be at the Civic Center on Saturday, May 23rd to see Alise dance in her first recital. Woo-hoo! All that is left to do is puchase the Disney tickets, which we plan to do at a discount (cheap) rate through UPS - an employee perk. Another Woo-hoo! We are so excited about our trip! Alise talks about it everyday. She still seems to be pretty ansy about the plane ride, but I think Dr. S can take help us take care of that!

So I got a little Disney happy. What can I say?

I found this smocked Mermaid outfit on Ebay. A buy-it-now and brand new. Mermaid is Alise's favorite. It's a two piece short outfit and is SO cute! I've decided to use it as her birthday outfit. I plan for her to wear it to her birthday party with her friends and for her party with Cinderella.
This shirt was embroidered from an Etsy seller. I got the idea from Destiny, who had something similiar for her children when they went to Disney. I LOVE it! Can't you just picture Alise wearing this with her black Mickey ears? Too cute!!
Now, if you notice, each of the above outfits have matching bows. The bows came from my new friend, Shannon. I "met" Shannon through Kelly's blog when she designed some things for Harper. Shannon and I hit it off and became quick friends. She was able to match the outfits perfectly and was so kind to send EXTRA bows! She is now designated as my very own personal "bow lady." I wish I had videoed Alise's expression when we opened the box and she saw all the bows! It was priceless! Go here to visit Shannon and her bow blog. She does excellent work and you won't be disappointed.

Remember, all you dieters! Today is "Think Thin Thursday"! If you need some help staying on the wagon today, just go buy you some tight pantyhose and you'll be so miserable that you won't even THINK about eating! Ha! I LOVED all the comments I got about yesterday's post! You guys are great!



  1. LOVE those to check on the bows...

  2. You are too kind, Laura! Thanks for the sweet plug. HUGS!

    I love the cute outfits, BTW! People will come up to you at Disney and ask where those outfits came from. Mothers were inquiring about my kids' Minnie customs when we were there. I was handing out names and ebay was a hoot. It is such a fun trip--enjoy your magical adventure!


  3. Anonymous10:56 AM

    Love the outfits and bows! We are planning our next trip in September. This will be my first trip with a girl! I have been scouring ETSY to see what we need. I bet your little girl will love the Voyage of the Little Mermaid! Can't wait to see pictures!

  4. Both outfits are just perfect! I love the matching bows! Alise will look so cute with that t-shirt and Mickey Ears...Can't wait to see the pictures!

    I am glad that you were able to figure out how to make it possible for Alise to dance and go to Disney!

  5. Her outfits are so pretty! Have fun at Disney!

    Hugs and Mocha,

  6. Super cute outfits! I can't wait to see pics of the trip and the recital!

  7. The GREAT thing about having a girl! Dressing them up! She's going to be super cute. We went to DW in Sept, had a BLAST! Dallas got some mickey ears, defiantely a must buy!!!!

  8. Anonymous12:45 PM

    Cute,cute,cute! Alise will look adorable in those outfits for sure! Loving the bow, serious girl envy over here!

  9. Love the outfits and matching bows! My mom loved to put bows on my head when I was little.

    As far as 'think thin thursday' goes, I think I'll pass this week. I think we're going to Olive Garden for a birthday dinner!

  10. Oh Laura, the outfits are sooooo cute. Makes me wish I had a little one to buy for - well, I do have five great nieces, but five is a little too much.

    You guys will have such a sweet time.

    As for thinking thin, I haven't eaten a proper meal for three days until today. I plan to eat well at the Red Lobster next to our motel.

    So far, the trip is going well.

    ~hippo hugs~

  11. I love those outfits! Katie would have a fit over the Mermaid outfit. You did good mom! Do you feel like you can breathe a little easier now? I'm so excited for Alise. I wished I was going. :( Ya'll are going to have so much fun.

    Give Alise hugs and kisses from us! Love ya!

  12. You crack me up! Pantyhose!! LOL So looks like your about set to head to our neck of the woods! Be glad your not here now as it is BITTER COLD!! Love the outfits you have for her.... just adorable! What resort are you staying in? They are all fabulous but there a few that we frequent that are fabulous!

  13. Pinkie has the same Ariel outfit and was able to wear it to Disney and on the Disney cruise!

  14. Both super cute, I especially like the birthday shirt. What a great mom you are to get these special outfits prepared.

  15. so cute! ariel is lily's fave too...i wish i had come across that outfit. we did find some cute tees on e-bay though.

    y'all are going to have SO MUCH FUN!

    will you be posting while you are there?

  16. Those outfits are SO cute!!

    You guys--and Alise!!--are going to have such a great time. We need to go back to DW sometime soon!

  17. Oh my goodness. This post was well worth waiting for. I adored the outfits that you purchased for Alise. So, so darling...especially the shirt that you had embroidered. What a wonderful treat for your daughter to wear in the happiest place on earth. :)

    It sounds like you are going to have a wonderful time on your trip! My family journeyed to Disneyland last spring and managed to fit in the breakfast with a Disney character. If you have the time, I highly recommend it. Tons of fun!


  18. Wow, those are some bows! Can;t wait for my baby girl to have some hair. I gained a couple pounds this week so no more Ben annd Jerry's and Rotel dip the Superbowl got me in a bad place!

  19. Anonymous5:57 PM

    Hey Laura- Could you tell me which seller on Etsy you bought the Mickey shirt from?