Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Back to School

I just love Alise’s innocence. I love the fact that she hasn’t started dwelling on appearances so much. I love how she just picks up the pieces and moves on in her little world. She is so unlike her mother in that respect. I tend to dwell. So I'm hoping that's one characteristic she won't inherit.

Alise wanted to go back to school today so I let her. I actually walked her to her classroom, hoping to see her teacher or aid so I could leave “explicit instructions” about the Neosporin and Tylenol. Not really. I wanted to see their expression when they saw Alise. I wanted them to give her big hugs and gather all the kids around so that Alise could explain to her friends what happened. I live in a dream world. It didn’t happen. Ms. K and the aid were in the drop-off line chauffering the three year olds in to school, so the other Pre-K3 teacher was in the room. No hugs or "Alise, you don't look so bad!" or "We missed you yesterday!" Trust me. It's a Catholic school. There's not a whole lot of lovey-dovey-ness going on.

I did have a kinda “that’s my girl” moment. When we got to the classroom, Alise walked to the back hallway to hang her backpack up. One of the other little girls just stared at her. Alise just stared back at her like, “what are you looking at?” I nearly laughed out loud. It wasn’t like she had an attitude; it was more of an honest stare because she was totally oblivious to her face…like she had forgotten about it.

I wish I could have been there when Allie and Emma saw her. I sure hope they gave her lots of hugs! She was so excited about seeing her friends again.

Alise's face is beginning to look better actually. Despite what the ER doctor said, I've used my "moma brain" and decided to use Neosporin ointment anyway. She says that her face itches, so that tells me that the scabs are trying to heal but they are still deep in places. On the tip of her nose, her nostrils, and upper lip, nearly all that top layer of skin is gone, but it's healing, too. Wayne says he wishes we could bandage all of it up somehow, but she really would look rediculous and I think the air is helping it heal, too. The left side of her nose is still swollen and is beginning to bruise. She still has a black eye.

I'm ready to post pictures of my Baby Girl again! Maybe this weekend I can post some.

Before all of this happened, we told Alise we would spend the entire day with her on Saturday because she was Moma and Daddy's favorite Valentine. She told us she wanted to go to the zoo and the park and we told her we would as long as the weather was nice. Maybe we'll get some great pictures this weekend!


  1. bless her little heart.

  2. Aw. I'm so glad things are looking up. Hang in there!

  3. oh, that tough little baby! Gosh I wish we could keep them that way and protect them from all forever!!!

  4. I just read what happened! I am so sorry.

  5. Alise is a trooper :)

  6. Kids are so resilent. It's great she's such a trooper too. Once the scabbing is done and there are pink "scars", that's when you would want to use the Mederma. They make it for kids, but my husband used the adult version after a pretty big surgery, and it seemed to help a bit.

  7. I just can't picture the scabs. When I was there all I remember was the swollen lip. I told Brad that I couldn't believe her face wasn't scratched. Guess that shows how observant I am!

    I'm so proud of her for going back to school! (and proud of you too!)

    Just sent you some pics of Alise from the party here!!

  8. Anonymous9:14 PM

    Alise is such a sweetheart! The boys are the same way with appearances and their innocence. I wish I could stop time and keep them this way! I'm glad Alise is back at school!!

  9. I am glad Alise is doing better!! It always amazes me how resilient kids are. Much more than we are...LOL!!!