Friday, January 02, 2009

T'Ain't Pretty in the Horton House

We thought we would celebrate {The Sugar Bowl} in true Alabama fashion - with some bar-b-que. I guess our Louisiana brand is what's jinxing us because the food got cold pretty quick. Alise was yelling from her bedroom for us to turn the TV down and to stop yelling. That's pretty bad when your three year old tells you that you're too loud!

Folks, we're getting beat. We're getting beat really bad! By Utah's second touchdown, I felt like I was back on NYE 2005!!

Wayne came in from the camp to watch the game with me tonight. He asked me just now, "Aren't you glad we didn't pay $145 a ticket to go to this monstrosity?!?"

I need to hear from my blogger cheerleaders!! I need a big, "Roll Tide!!!"


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  1. We are cheering for Bama in Sunny, FL! Give those Utes a loss!!!