Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Pucker Up!

I read in a Christian magazine this weekend that "92 million women in the U.S. never leave home without lipstick..." I have to admit that I'm one of these women! Very rarely do I leave home without stopping by the mirror in my livingroom and slapping on some lip color! To me, I look so pale without lipstick; it's a neccessity in my world.

I've tried many brands of lipstick, but I always come back to Estee Lauder. Just the name itself reminds me of my Grandmother. But their lipstick isn't anything like old-fashioned. It glides on smoothly with no feathering or peeling and lasts a very long time. I've tried just about all the drug store and high-end department store brands and EL is by far my favorite.

I also like to coordinate my lipstick with what I'm wearing. Pink shades for pink clothes, bright reds with blacks, and brown and toffee shades with tans, camels, and off-whites. You will find about five different tubes of lipstick in my purse at one time and I get highly ticked if I can't find just the one I'm looking for. And I'm a sucker for all those "freebies" from Estee that offer the lipsticks as a "bonus" item. A new lipstick can make my day!

Right now, my favorite EL color is Fig. Since it's a neutral color, I can wear it with most anything.

I like lipglosses, too! My favorites are by Philosophy and the Buxom line from Bare Escentuals. Something about that little "tingling feeling" make me feel like I'm getting my money's worth! I'm just sayin'...

What are your favorite brands of lipstick?



  1. Im a MAC girl and I have so many tubes of lipstick....yet I never remember to put it on!

  2. I have found that Clinique "Surprise" fits all occasions for me. It's the only one I wear.

    In my youth, I used to leave home with out ANY makeup. Can you believe it? Now, I do all I can to hide the ravages of aging. LOL

    What a cute post!

    ~hippo hugs~

  3. Revlon Wine with Everything has been the one for me since high school!

  4. I usually go for Clinique, Mary Kay, or Estee Lauder. Right now I am really loving Think Bronze from Clinique, it is pretty much the only color I wear and then top it off with some Pink Pout Lip Gloss from Mary Kay.

    My real weakness is chap stick!

    This was a very fun post!

  5. LOVE lipstick, but I've gotten into lip gloss lately. I'm with you on both. LOVE EL lipstick and just bought my first Bare Escentials lip gloss and LOVE it. My mom was always on my sisters and me about having on lipstick. It has definitely stuck with me. Just not dressed without it! :)

  6. I have a tube of Clinique honey-something that I wear occasionally, but mostly I stick with Burt's Bees chapstick. Perhaps if I had a job where I dressed better I'd wear more lipstick!

  7. I'm the same way. I may not have other makeup on, but I always have lipstick with me!!!

  8. I used to love lipsticks, and like you never left home without it. (for the same reasons)

    Now that I don't work (outside the home) I just don't use it like I used to.

    Maybe someday I will again.

    Have a good night.

  9. My favorite is Mac. There is a taupe that is really great with everything. It stays on really well.
    EL has a lip conditioner that I like.

  10. i'm not very particular...usually just the cheap stuff...but like you i have mulitple ones at all times and cannot even go for a walk without putting some on!

  11. I'm a MAC girl!! I love their glosses and lip colors! Clinique is pretty good too! This post reminds me that I am running low and have to buy some soon :-)

  12. ooh, back in the day when I "wouldn't leave home without it" I too work EL Fig!

    Now its tinted chapstick, or I just bite my lip continuously all day, depending on how fast I had to get out of the door!

  13. Since I sell Mary Kay, I tend to stick with that, Toffee is my favorite. Goes with everything. If I'm not wearing that I keep my lips hydrated with Lip Baum/Mary Kay. Love the stuff. Have several tubes all over the place, my bathroom, purse, my home office, car..hehe