Friday, January 09, 2009

My Concession Post

So I promised a concession speech to Scarlet O'Kara, so here goes:

Yes, I stayed up and watched THE game (The Fedex BCS Championship football game). The ENTIRE game. I thought it would never end, really. It was WAY past my new bedtime.

My first question to Wayne after the coin toss was, “So why can’t UPS sponsor a Bowl game?” His answer: “Because we spend millions of dollars on a race car and driver.” That was for all you Nascar fans. But I digress.

First let me say that I thought it was a great game – even if it did go on and on (too many commercials!). It was a very hard-fought game and I thought both teams played extremely well. Sam Bradford is my new hero – I didn’t realize just how good he really was. Forgive me. And I still think there oughta been a personal foul penalty when that Florida player head butted the OU player on like the third or fourth play of the game! Just my opinion. The only thing I didn’t like about OU was what Wayne called the “spread offense.” That constant looking to the sidelines to change the play on the OU offense really got on my nerves.

I have said all along, ever since the BCS standings came out that I did not want Alabama to play OU (isn’t that right, Julie?). I knew we would get slaughtered. If there was any SEC team that I thought would have a chance at beating OU, it would be Florida because I think they are the best SEC team. There. I said it. I was also happy that Tebow (who I like as well…) was not plastered all over my TV screen like he was during the Florida v. Bama game. And a personal foul penalty on him? I was shocked!

Congratulations, Florida!

Game over. College football season over. What am I going to do with myself without College Game Day and Kurt Herbstriet? {Sigh}


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  1. Do you not like me anymore? I am not on your roll!!