Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Lunch with a Cowgirl

I had lunch today with this very cute little cowgirl

Today was "western day" at school so Alise got to dress up. The child doesn't have a pair of boots (unless you count her rubber ladybug boots) so she wore her hot pink crocs instead. Go figure.
Anyhoo, I had promised Alise last week that I would come eat lunch with her one day soon and today seemed like the perfect day. I couldn't get over how cute all the kids were. I wanted to get some pictures of some of her friends, but before I knew it, the cafeteria was getting noisy and it was time for Alise's class to leave. She was so good when I had to go back to whining or crying. I was so proud of her!

I fell back on to the diet wagon today. Just when I thought I could no longer endure (after all the delicious food I had yesterday), my BFF leaves me the sweetest comment about my face looking thinner. I think it was just my new hair cut. But that birthday present ranked right up there with Alise singing to me! It was just the “hmpf” I needed to get back up on that wagon! Thanks, Leigh.



  1. OMGoodness.... Alise is soooo cute!!! I bet that was a wonderful lunch!! Great pics!!

  2. Alise is a precious cowgirl!!

    You're too sweet! (and I don't think it was the haircut...)

  3. You need to submit that top picture to the I Heart Faces blog. It's just too cute!

  4. Alise is so adorable! Photogenic is definitely her middle name. Glad you had a fun lunch date.


  5. Anonymous8:39 AM

    I Love this picture of Alise!! She is so adorable, and I agree with Leigh, it's not your haircut!! Your results are motivating me to stay on this diet wagon!!! Have a great day!

  6. What a cute little cowgirl. She is a real sweetie.

    ~hippo hugs~

  7. P.S. Leigh is right. Your face "does" look thinner.


  8. Maybe she's starting a new trend for cowgirls all over the world! :)

  9. I love that first picture! She is adorable!

  10. Happy late birthday!

    What darling pictures and what a sweet mom you are to go to school with your little cowgirl!