Saturday, January 10, 2009

Just the Girls

My man is back at the camp. He should return later tonight. So for last night and all day today, I have had SMS....Single Mom Syndrome. I certainly don't mean a slight toward single mothers out there, but I just have to ask, "How in the world do you do it?!?!" Between endless chitter-chatter, "Mommie, do this..." , turning on lights (constantly) and wiping soiled the washing and cleaning, I am absolutly WORN OUT!!! And I've only been doing this for every weekend since October 1st!! Go figure.

My parents did help out today, though. They kept Alise for about an hour and a half while I went and walked at the activity center. My first day of exercise...yipee!! I had forgotten how much I really enjoyed walking. While I was huffing it, my mom showed Alise how to play "Go Fish", so needless to say, she wants to play it all the time now.

Oh, and for all you Alabama fans, this one is for you. While I was walking, the president of ULM and his wife were walking also at the university's activity center. I was so thankful that I changed my mind and decided to change out of my Bama t-shirt before I left the house! I wonder what kind of interesting conversation that would have envoked?

Here's a picture of Alise outside this morning before the temperature started dropping today.
Don't laugh. She dressed herself today and although the three colors of pink totally clashed in real life, they look a little better in the picture. And, yes. I think it's time to put up the pink car.

And am I the only person in the world who didn't know that you could check out magazines from the library?!? Why didn't somebody tell me?!? Alise and I visited our local library this afternoon for about an hour before closing time. She normally plays and I read magazines. I noticed the barcodes on the magazine and asked the librarian behind me about checking them out. She told me as long as they weren't the current issue, I could check them out. That's the best news I've had since....since....Christmas, I guess. Do you realize how much mag reading I could do and all for free!!!??? Woo-hoo!! I checked out three tonight!

I guess I'm gonna have to put that Mary Kay Andrews book on hold until I get caught up with all my magazines!



  1. WOW, I take a blog break only to come back and see your new look! LOVE your blog page.... VERY NICE!!! So you MUST tell me how you did it! I want a new look now...LOL :) Funny thing about the library, I didn't know that either, so don't feel silly. Cute pics of the princess as usual. She is SO sweet!

  2. I love the name you have for SMS...I totally understand what you mean. Josh's work schedule is pretty much the opposite of mine which means that it is just me and Carter for 5 evenings of the week. I totally drains me...I am so glad to have Josh there because that means a break for me!

    I didn't know you could check out magazines from the fact I had forgotten about then even having magazines. That will be another great way to cut some expenses.

  3. It is so strange to me that your daughter is able to be outside without winter gear.

    And your grass is green!!

    I am hoping for only another eight weeks of snow. Although, we had snow until April last year.

  4. Anonymous9:53 PM

    I feel your pain Laura about the SMS,lol, and love your new phrase you coined! With me getting up at 6 with Evan and Kevin not getting home until 7 most nights, I feel like a single mom every day of the week!! I don't know how they do it either!! At least I can complain to Kevin when he gets home,lol! Anyway, loving the pictures of Alise and that she dressed herself, too precious. Aidan is insisting he dress himself too and everything is put on backwards,lol! I read my People religiously every week, I don't have time to read anything else unfortunately!!!

  5. Alise is a DOLL!!!

    Thanks for sharing your blog link with me.



  6. I didn't know that about the magazines!! Wish they were open today. I'm going to need something to do while we wait at the dr's office!!

    Alise is just precious!!

  7. As far as not wearing the Bama T-Shirt, all I can say is . . . CHICKEN. Tehe!

    At least Alise will dress herself. I've been trying to get Katie to dress herself now for weeks and all she tells me is "I can't". She does try to put on her panties, which is a disaster. For some reason, they end up twisted & all in her crack.