Monday, January 19, 2009

How Cool is This?

Thank you's go out to Pam and Danielle for bestowing this great award to me over the weekend.

The instructions for the award were to list 10 honest things about make it interesting - even if we had to "dig deep."

I had to dig real deep. Here goes:

1. My daughter still has Christmas presents that she hasn't opened. Now, she's ripped the wrapping paper off, but she hasn't opened the box. The one particuliar gift I am looking at now is the Fisher Price Computer Cool School. I promise it's still in the box. It's a keyboard that actually hooks into a real computer and has 5 different learning activities - including a mouse (which Alise loves). I actually thought about this gift the other day in the car when Alise told me that she went to "computer class" at school. Honestly, we don't do enough computer things with her here at home.

2. I honestly re-gift. What can I say? I'm an accountant for crying out loud!!

3. I hate to shave my legs. And when I do have the opportunity to do it - without someone coming in the bathroom or screaming "Moma!" at the top of their lungs and banging on the door, I vary rarely take advantage of it. Now, before you totally gross out, I DO shave my legs, I just don't like it. I always cut myself and it ticks me off!

4. I still have pieces of lingerie that I got at my lingerie shower nearly fourteen years ago. Before your mind goes from gross to the gutter, I didn't say that I still wore the freakin' lingerie, I just said I still had it. Since we're being completely honest....I found it in a drawer today when I was trying to find a place to put some clean socks I had just folded (my sock drawer is over flowing).

5. (Gosh, how many more of these do I have?) OH! Since we're on the subject of lingerie, I DID buy a $50 bra at Victoria Secret a few weeks ago. Yeah, I was one of those people that they sucker in their store right after Christmas with that Semi-Annual Bra Sale and then after you pilfer through all the ones that are on sale and can't find one you like (or your size), you meander over to the ones that aren't on sale and proceed to try on and buy. It's false advertisement, I tell ya! But I do have to say that that $50 bra fits better than my $12 Walmart Hanes bra! Imagine that! I've got to stop. I have family that reads this thing. Next time they see me, they'll be trying to figure out if I'm wearing that $50 bra and decide that I spend entirely too much money on my underware and that Alise doesn't need anymore presents from them. I BOUGHT IT WITH MY CHRISTMAS MONEY, PEOPLE!!!

6. I'm mad at myself for putting on so much weight. At the time I was eating all that junk, I told myself I didn't care. I was never going back to a high school reunion, so what did I care what people thought of me? Why is it when you actually start trying to get the weight off that the guilt sets in? I can't look at a piece of chocolate without feeling guilty!!

7. I think I want to have another baby....another reason for the need to loose weight. I don't really want to get into it right now and no, we are not trying to have a baby right now, it's just that somedays I think about it. I don't want to talk about it, so don't ask me.

8. I'm a plant killer. My employees have finally learned not to get me plants for things like birthdays or "Bosses Day". They tend to die. Every time. So last year, they got the bright idea to get me a lucky bamboo (which I really wanted. I thought I could will the plant to live..) and my secretary has taken over the watering of it. I just can't seem to remember that thing needs water!!

9. Tomorrow I will be 36. Enough said.

10. (Thank the Lord, I never thought I'd get to this number...)I really hate burning a day of PTO to stay home with Alise and do nothing. I need a nanny. It's not that I don't like spending time with my daughter and I would be willing to burn a day to do something FUN, but not to stay home, clean house, go to Pet Co, and two doctor visits. That is not fun!

I'll be bestowing this prestigous award to 7 lucky ones later in the week. I believe I'm too brain dead right now - from being so honest - to think about who I need to send it to.



  1. love the honesty!
    I got this one this week as well

  2. You're so brave!! And I loved what you wrote!! I hate to shave my legs too, not to mention the fact that the boys always have a tendency to burst in on me in the bathroom when I'm in the shower. Not great conditions for grooming,lol!!

  3. Happy Birthday Laura!!

    These were a lot of fun to read and get to know you a bit better. I know not to send a plant to you tomorrow!! LOL

    Thanks for playing.

  4. Hi Laura, I'm just catching up. The honesty was great.

    I loved the pics of Alise. What a doll baby she is.

    As for Gran Torino, I really liked it. The language was horrific, but it was ghetto and I think they do talk like that.

    Hope you have a great birthday and rest of the week.

    ~hippo hugs~

  5. Great list of honest things...I really understand what you are talking about with the baby thing...I want to go for it some days and then other days I am totally freaked out about it all! I am not good with change - so that adds another layer to my doubts...Gesh!

    Happy Birthday (a little early) to you!

  6. AWESOME post!!! You are so brave for sharing all of that!! LOL I enjoyed getting to know you a little better! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!! Have an awesome day tomorrow!!

  7. ooo don't tag me, i really don't want to think that deep on a monday!

  8. happy birthday, laura!

    sorry your day was so is a tough job! but so is working full time!