Thursday, January 08, 2009

Flashback Friday

January 2008

The diet is going rather well this week. I’ve managed to stay under 1,200 calories every day; log my food in my online journal; drank water, having only one diet coke in the mornings to avoid a caffeine headache (I’m trying to cut out caffeine, too); tried out my new $25 Walmart scale and took measurements to log in my journal, also. Trust me. That wasn’t a pretty sight!! No exercising yet but I did go this week and sign up at the activity center to begin hopefully this weekend. I’m on my way!!

I’ve decided that Friday mornings will be my “weigh in day.” This morning I weighed and although it hasn’t been quite seven days, I still lost 4 pounds so I am excited about that!

Let me tell you two things that I have absolutely LOVED this week: one was the Yoplait fat free yogurt from the freezer. I simply but the yogurt in the freezer for about an hour and a half and wa-la! It was like eating ice cream at 10:30 every morning and only 100 calories. Next, I am in love with Chiquita’s Apple Bites with caramel dipping sauce. OMGoodness! I could have slapped my Moma!! They come already packaged with the caramel sauce, too, and only 70 calories! Maybe I was just hungry, I don’t know, but those were my all time favorite snacks for the day!!

Right now, my insights into this whole dieting thing is: 1) portion size and 2) small snacks through out the day. I’m a Southern girl and I like my portions BIG! I believe in second-helpings, if you know what I mean! I stared at my itty-bitty Weight Watchers entrée on Monday and thought, “This is it?” But eating smaller snacks through out the day helped with the hunger and over eating.

Let me know some of your favorite diet tricks, too! Let’s share ideas.

Oh, and some of you asked about the Beth Moore Bible Study, Esther....Wednesday night was our first meeting and I haven’t had a chance to delve in yet, but I will let you know how I’m liking it soon. We’ll watch the first video next week.

Baby Girl is once again meshed in her own little world of school, dance, gymnastics, books, movies, and play-doh. Yes, it’s back to our normal life now that the holidays are over. Ms. K was back Monday morning from maternity leave and Alise’s eyes lit up when she saw her. Something about having her actual teacher back just made me feel better. And she is definitely turning into my little Catholic school girl! She prefers her plaid jumper to wearing pants and still insists on wearing a head band and carrying her lunch everyday. And she’s been asking an awful lot about Valentine’s Day, too, which I can’t understand unless it’s because she remembers something about it from daycare last year. I can’t get her to understand that V-Day comes after Mommie’s birthday!

On Sunday night, we took Alise to Awanas at our church for the first time. She was very hesitant about going in the room, but one of the teachers was able to coax her inside. After church her teachers told me that they asked Alise if she was coming back next week and she told them that she wasn’t. We laughed and later Alise told me that she was, actually, going back next Sunday night. I say all of this because of the conversation we had in the car a few days ago. Out of the blue she asked me if she was going back to “Sunday Night Sunday School.” We started talking about her working towards her blue Cubbie vest and she said, “I don’t want a blue vest. Blue is not my favorite color!” I died laughing and told her that all the vests were bright blue and that she didn’t have a choice. She didn’t like that very much! I’d be willing to place bets on what color she would like to have, though!



  1. Have you tried Weight Watchers' desserts? You can find them both in the frozen section & in the bread aisle. They are really good and saved my life when I had a chocolate craving. I can't give you much of any tips because I went through the Weight Watchers diet plan. If want recipes, I think you can get some from their website, without being a member.

    I sounds like you're doing good thus far. Hang in there!

  2. have you heard of That is the site I am using. It is free and it is AWESOME for counting calories and stuff like that. I love being able to see it all everyday. Anyways...Im with you....but I had a craptastic day on the diet yesterday....hoping I can get back on track today.

  3. Oh Laura, Congrats on losing!! When I was sick I had no desire to watch what I was eating,lol, but I'm going back on! Who wants to diet while they're sick?!? Anyway, I'm doing the weight watchers points thing and I love the Skinny Cow Ice Cream Bars and Cones! They are great and satisfy my terrible sweet tooth! I'm going to have to try putting my yogurt in the freezer, yum, thanks for the idea!!! I agree about going back to small portions, portion size is what does me in. I love my food,lol!! Love this picture of Alise!! Have a great weekend!

  4. FUNNY, picture!!! :)
    Glad your dieting is going well. :)
    Ethan LOVES AWANA!!! I think it is such a GREAT program!

  5. 4 lbs is wonderful! Good Job. I also never leave the house without lipstick and I even put it on in the house when I have no intention of leaving, it just makes me feel better-prettier.

    I have done Weight Watchers and since I am at my lowest weight since college I feel like my tips are working.

    I eat normal food but I just eat half. I don;t care for lowfat foods that much. So today for lunch I had half a turkey sandwich instead of a whole. I buy high fiber food because they keep with you longer. I don;t eat a lot of things that mess with my sugar level, carrots, apples..I think they make you hungrier. When its cold I drink lots of hot decaf tea or coffee when I get hunger pains. I think its impossible to be on a diet without getting hungry. If you have eaten all your calories at the end of the day and you are still hungry - a diet drink and hard boiled egg. Another low cal drink is a skinny latte at Starbucks which is filling.

    Keep up the good work!

  6. Good job on the weight loss! I am doing much better on the exercise and pretty nothing yet on the diet front :( And one of my all time healthy snacks is Jolly Time 100 Calorie Microwave popcorn. You can eat the entire bag for 100 calories. Totally fills me up! Try it with (sounds gross, but oh so good) a little soy sauce on it.

    Oh, and when's your birthday? I'm an Aquarius, and I think we might have close birthdates!

  7. Thanks for sharing some of your favorite snacks and congratulations on being down 4 lbs! That is great! Keep up the great work!

    I am snacking throughout the day and it seems to be working pretty good for me. One of my favorite snacks is Life Cereal, it has great flavor. I have been snacking on yogurt, so I will try popping it in the freezer.

    I am trying to pay more attention to what my body is telling me about food and not just eat because I am bored or something sounds good. I agree with you on the portions...that part is really hard!

    Have a great weekend!

  8. You are doing GREAT!! No advice from me....I'm not doing so hot!

  9. Excellent, great start to your weight loss!! Go Girl!

  10. Dieting stinks, any way your crack it up. You go , though, with your 4 lbs, already! Off to a good start! Love that pic of Baby Girl, what a riot!