Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Diet Woes

I nearly fell off the diet wagon yesterday. I was starving by two o’clock, so my mid-afternoon snack of apple slices and caramel dipping sauce (70 calories) got moved up an hour and a half. I was scared that I was going to pounce off into the candy basket on my desk. Yes, I said “basket” thanks to my wonderful doctor who told me that I didn’t need diet pills and to just get out and exercise. Two weeks later at Christmas, she sent me a whole basket of the sweet stuff!! Thanks, Doc!

My co-workers aren’t helping me with this whole diet thing because they keep coming in my office and sticking their grubby hands in my candy basket, picking something out and then talking to me for thirty minutes while I have to sit there and watch them feed their face with chocolate, Nerds, Jolly Ranchers, Laffy Taffy, and other fine delectables to be desired. Do I sound bitter? I warned you when I started this whole diet mess, that I was not a happy dieter! I’ve sunk so low that I’ve started planning my “free days” and marking them on my calendar!!

God works in mysterious ways, ya’ll! When I got back to my desk with my snack, the song, “I Will Survive” was playing on the radio. I cracked up! What a sense of humor He has!! It was just the little attitude adjustment I needed! But I feel like I’m surviving on Weight Watchers’, Lean Cuisine, and Special K cereal. I’ve got to begin mixing some things up or I’m going to get bored and really jump ship!! I think I need my own personal chef (and nanny and maid, too). My precious time spent on the internet looking for low calorie recipes, has only yielded gross stuff with goat cheese and lentils. Who eats that stuff, pray tell?!

Since my birthday is next week, my employees asked me today – while their grubby hands were digging around in my candy basket – what kind of birthday cake I wanted. Ugh!! I was like, “Do we have to?” (There was a time not so long ago when I insisted on having birthday cake on my birthday…with ice cream). So what I told them was that since another person’s birthday is the 28th, why don’t we “share” a birthday cake? They seemed to like that idea and I made it a personal goal to loose at least three more pounds by the 28th so that I can enjoy some “Happy Birthday To Me” cake. Gosh, ya’ll! I can’t wait!! I hope it’s chocolate!

Oh! And check out this great Weight Watchers pie here. It’s wonderful!! If you make it, let me know what you think.

Enough about diets. If I post about food any longer, I think I might just order a pizza!


Let’s see…last night was dance. Tonight was gymnastics. Tomorrow night is church. Maybe by Thursday I’ll get to breath again just in time for Wayne to head back to the camp on Friday.

I have a very exciting Wordless Wednesday post to share tomorrow. Some of you already know about it because of emails, but it’s still exciting for the Horton’s – especially Alise. It won’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out.



  1. Anonymous9:10 PM

    Ugh, eating healthy is tough when first starting out. I had quite a bit of luck with counting calories last year.

    The hamburger noodle casserole has 290 calories per cup. Mine wasn't as pretty as the photo, but oh, it was yummy! Try it and let me know how you like it. The chicken recipe is a lower cal. one as well!

  2. Anonymous9:59 PM

    Oh you're doing so well Laura!! Good Job!! I've done pretty well today but now I'm craving my usual late night snack. Hoping water will suffice-it doesn't help that Kevin is able to eat anything he wants to in front of me! I'm intrigued about your wordless Wednesday post, can't wait to see what it is!! Hope things slow down for you a bit soon!

  3. I'm hangin' in there with my almonds and beef jerkey. Thank God for diet Dr. Pepper, huh? :) It curbs me sweets craving!

  4. Way to go Laura... I'm not happy when I diet either... Boy do we sound similar... I started WW too... and I just want to stuff my face!! Hang in there... I'm looking to you for inspiration =) no pressure... LOL

  5. Hang in there, girl! I would recommend moving that awful basket to a common area or the work kitchen! And I always keep Life Saver Mints around so when I feel like I might loose it, I pop one in my mouth and it helps trick me for a little bit. I'm hoping this week to post my Steel Cut Oats recipe for breakfast. It's super healthy, and it keeps me full through until lunch.

  6. Eating well is tough! Stick to it though, you are doing a GREAT job!!! :) So, I'm going to be checking all day to see the "wordless wed"!!! :) Hurry and post! :)

  7. I am SO there with you. Almost fell off hard core yesterday

  8. I admire your discipline!! That is one thing I lack big time.

  9. Your letter is "G!" Take your time and come up with your list of 10 things you love that begin with the letter G!!!

  10. We have a Weight Watchers treat every night and count it into our points for the day. Also, WW has 1 and 2 point candies, all chocolate. Yum. I couldn't survive without these treats.

    Hang in there girl. You'll make it.

    ~hippo hugs~

  11. Hang in there with the diet! You can do it and YOU WILL SURVIVE! So funny that that song was playing, just when you needed a little pick me up!

    I ended up bring a ton of candy from Christmas in the office and it is slowly disappearing. I have it out of my line of sight and I forget all about it.

    My birthday is next week and my mom wanted to know what kind of cake...I told her Angel Food. It is one of my favorites and I figured I could splurge a little since it would be my Birthday! I can make up for it by doing some extra time on the treadmill!