Sunday, January 18, 2009

Darn that Spinach Artichoke Dip!!

Sometimes it helps to have a face to a name of the person you are praying for. Go here to see a picture of Baby Harper. It breaks my heart to see all those tubes, but I think she is such a beautiful baby. Maybe it's cold and callous of me to hug my own Baby Girl a little more these last few days and to be thankful that I never had to endure something like this when she was born. I've asked God many times this weekend who am I to have been so fortunate to have a perfect pregnancy and birthing experience and someone else have to endure such pain and hardship? God has blesssed me, this I know. And I also know that God will continue to bless the Stamps Family. Please continue to pray for this sweet family.

Some of you asked how the diet went last night since it was a "dining out night." Let me just say that it didn't go so good.

One of our favorite appetizers to get at Copeland's is the Spinach Artichoke Dip with fried bow-tie pasta. Can I just say, "Yum!"?? Wayne asked me if I wanted to order it. Dumb question. Of course, I wanted it, but I didn't need it.

When the waiter came, my all-to-awesome husband said, "She would like to have the Spinach Artichoke Dip." I was like, "Gee, thanks alot, Wayne-o!"

Then, the waiter had the audacity, to turn to me and ask, "As an appetizer or entree, ma'am?"

I was ready to tear in to somebody! What part of the word, diet, could they not see across my forehead?

I thought I did rather well, though - not including the appetizer. I had the blackened baked fish with some kind of Cajun cream style corn and mashed potatoes. Normally, I like corn, but this just wasn't right up my alley. Neither were the potatoes, so I drank water and ate most of my fish. Wayne had the crawfish etouffee and was later complaining how full he felt. I was full, but I wasn't miserable. Darn that Spinach Artichoke Dip!!

Today was gorgeous!! The wind blowing still made for a cool day, but we were able to get outside and enjoy some fresh air and sunshine. Alise rode her bike up and down our street so I got a little exercise walking beside her. Aunt Donna and Uncle Steve stopped by for a short visit on their way home. Wayne chatted with our neighbors and fixed the radiator in the green machine (the car he drives back and forth to work 35 miles everyday). Alise went to Awana's and is two steps closer to getting her pink-er, I mean, blue Cubbie vest.

Alise is out of school tomorrow so I took off work to spend the day with her. She has an appointment with Dr. D to check her ears again.
This is a pic from last Sunday before church. I love this dress. I got it off Ebay last Fall.
Wednesday was a free dress day at school. Alise and her classmates were suppose to wear clothes that had pockets. I thought all the kids would be dressed in blue jeans, so I put Alise in a cute legging outfit and stuck a black t-shirt underneath. It turned out really cute.

This is her Friday night dancing in the aisles at our church for Kidz Blitz. She had an awesome time and just couldn't understand why she couldn't be on stage like the older kids.

Today on her bike.

Alise with Wayne's deer that he shot this weekend. I think it was a 7-point.

I'll post the low-fat King Ranch Chicken recipe I made tonight a little later.



  1. I looooooove that poodle dress. LOVE IT. I have a poodle so anytime I find poodle outfits I go all stupid for them.

    I did really well this week diet wise until today....had dinner at my mom's with my sister and her kids.

    Tacos. Enough said.

  2. We miss having Copeland's in Montgomery! I loved that spinach and artichoke dip with the fried bowtie pasta! Yum! Now I'm sad again that it's gone. Anyway, glad that you had a good dinner.

    Your new blog design is adorable, and Alise matches perfectly in her poodle dress!

  3. Super Cute pictures! I love her hair cut, think it is time soon for Sofia to get a cut! I am so praying for Kelly, it just breaks my heart that poor Harper is going through all this! Now did I read it was your birthday?

  4. Dieting is hard, and it most certainly cannot be done if Spinach Artichoke Dip is around! I love that stuff!

    Your daughter is adorable...thanks for stopping by my blog today! :)

  5. Anonymous3:15 PM

    Ahh, weekends are hurting my diet progress too. I wish Kevin didn't have the metabolism of a 15 year old!! I am *SO* *Hearting* Alise's pink poodle dress. Too bad Aidan or Evan wouldn't go for wearing that,lol!!!!

  6. Great pics of your cutie pie! I love the outfit she wore to trendy and cute!

  7. Anonymous5:19 PM

    Also that we would do without your very good idea