Thursday, January 29, 2009

Can I Get a Woo-hoo?

If you have not seen or heard the latest about Baby Harper, please go here now. Isn’t she just beautiful? God is truly in the business of making the impossible, possible.

So now that “Wordless Wednesday” if officially over, I can elaborate about these little babies. I actually found them at Target and I could have sworn that the shelf stockers were trying to hide them. They were on the very bottom shelf and the boxes were pushed all the way to the very back. It’s really a miracle how I ever found them. But the point is, I did. So, now, that means chocolate equals diet food. Woo-hoo!

For all of you that are experiencing “sneaux days,” aka “the white stuff,” or in ski-language, “powder,” I hope you know that I am so jealous! I think I’ve left comments with those same words on all your blogs. So lo and behold when I walked outside to warm the car up yesterday morning, it was actually sleeting! I’ve told you before that we Louisianans start acting a little goofy anytime something like this happens, so I ran back in the house and switched Alise’s cartoons to the news channel. No closures. Bummer.

After my major meltdown on Monday regarding Alise’s recital, Wayne and I have agreed to change the day we leave for Disney. We haven’t yet decided which day we’ll be leaving (Sunday or Monday), but we know that it won’t be that Saturday. I will get to see my little girl dance!!! Can I get another “Woo-hoo!”? And if anyone would like to contribute to the “extra-money-needed-to-change-Disney-birthday-plans-so-we-won’t-miss-Alise’s-recital” fund, just let me know! Next week, I plan to show you Alise’s birthday outfit and some other cute things that I’ve bought for the big occasion.

I’ve decided that Alise and I won’t be going to Arkansas this weekend for Cousin Brooklyn’s 5th birthday party (I can’t believe she’s five years old!!). I have had an awful week at work and a four and a half hour car drive with a four year old – DVD player or no DVD player – just isn’t on my agenda for the weekend. Besides, I hate long car rides. I plan to send a gift with my parents. At this point, I would rather stay in my pajamas all day Saturday and watch movies…that are not animated!

But hallelujah!! It is the last weekend for deer season!! I’ve got a “honey-do” list that is a mile long! It’s been building for four months! Hello, February 1st! Can I get another “Woo-hoo!”?



  1. Anonymous10:11 PM

    I'm so glad you were able to work everything out with Alise's recital and Disney!

  2. Laura,


    Glad it all worked out!!


  3. Well, woohoo's got cut off in the above post.

  4. Drive careful is that yuckiness. We are having a day full of "Liquid Sunshine" without the sun! Hopefully is does not ruin the Superbowl Concert that we are planning on going tonight!

    Enjoy Alise's recital and cannot wait to see photos of that as well as the special goodies that you purchased. And who knows, maybe you will run into the O'Kara Family at the House Of The Mouse!

  5. Woo Hoo!!! Woo Hoo!!! I'm so excited!!

    You know one of the movies we want to see starts today...but I can't go until next weekend. :-(

  6. Yeah!!! I'm glad you will get to see her dance, and still enjoy a great vacation.

  7. Didn't I say that I had a feeling it was going to work out?

    Maybe not the way you originally thought but all is good!!