Saturday, January 24, 2009

25 Random Things About Moi!

Thank you , Becky, for the TAG!

1. I have lived in Louisiana all my life.
2. I am married to a wonderful husband named Wayne. He works for UPS.
3. I have one daughter, Alise, who will be 4 in May. She is the absolute joy of my life.
4. I have a brother, Michael, who lives in Conway, Arkansas with his wife and daughter.
5. I love to travel. Some places I have been are: Lake Tahoe, San Francisco, Mt. Rushmore, the Grand Canyon, Breckinridge, Colorado, Tulsa, Dallas, New Orleans, Jackson, MS, Nashville, Huntsville, Jacksonville, FL, Orlando, Gulf Shores, AL, Hot Springs, AR, Richmond, VA, Memphis, Atlanta, San Antonio, just to name a few.
6. My middle name is Renee. So is Alise's.
7. I am a CPA (no tax questions, please) and I work for a local hospital.
8. I love Gobstoppers and jolly ranchers.
9. I wear glasses and contacts. I am so blind that it is really pathetic.
10. I love to blog and have met so many wonderful friends.
11. My favorite holiday is Christmas.
12. I love Philosophy (Inner Grace is my favorite fragrance) and Bare Escentuals products.
13. I was voted "Most Likely to Suceed" by my high school graduating class. A long time ago.
14. I hate panty hose with a passion.
15. I buy generic products...sometimes.
16. I hate to shop at Walmart.
17. I'm hoping that my kindergarten teacher (twenty-one years ago) will be Alise's kindegarten teacher in about two years. Won't that be neat? I'm sure Ms. M doesn't think so. She taught my brother, too.
18. I live about two miles from my mom and dad. They usually stop by about once a week to see Alise.
19. I am SO ready to buy another house!
20. I have migraine headaches.
21. The front license plate on my car says "BAMA."
22. My office number at work is 216.
23. It's nearly the end of January and we still haven't received all our tax information. I'm getting ansy.
24. Cinderella is my favorite princess.
25. I hope the Cardinals win the Super Bowl. What is it about me and red teams?



  1. I popped in from Danita's blog - and enjoyed learning some random facts about you! Greetings from Cape Town, I think you need to add us to your extended list of travels, huh?

  2. Cute list.
    I'm so with you on number 16!
    I was nominated to win "most successful" for senior superlatives also, another girl beat me out though lol.

  3. you didn't tag anyone!

  4. you just reminded me that I have not gotten my tax stuff yet either....hmmmm, nothing like waiting till the last minute right?

  5. Anonymous7:41 AM

    Hi! You are so lucky to live close to your parents!! I love your travel list, you've been everywhere!!

  6. Anonymous8:36 AM


    You are an inspiration to all bloggers. I tend to have three lines to every posts (total loser here). I WISH I went to kindergarten 21 years ago (LOL!) sweet young thing! ;)

    Have a great day and upcoming work week.



  7. HEY!! We're 'almost' neighbors. I'm from Texas (Houston)) and LOL at your license plate. Fun post.

  8. I love those red teams, too. I'm pulling for the Cardinals as well. I'd love to be Alise's kindergarten teacher! I haven't had anybody's child I've taught yet, but I've had lots of brothers and sisters. I love getting to know you better, too.

  9. Gobstoppers rule! Only whenever I eat one, my fingers turn different colors, too, b/c I keep taking them out of my mouth to see what color they are!! :)

  10. Anonymous7:34 PM

    "Hi" to my Louisiana neighbor! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    I love your Blog page. The pink/black & polka dots are Fun! Course it's double glam when you have a cutie-patootie like Elise to put on your page.

  11. I hit the button too soon. I'm "anonymous" in the post just above.

  12. My middle name is Renee too... how cool is that?!?! I loved your list!!

  13. I love this list. I think I need to create something like this - just telling us a little about yourself so we know more about you!