Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Who Moved Jack?

I couldn't stand it anymore!

I had to buy this today:

Leigh asked me yesterday if a mutual friend could borrow the second book in the Twilight Series. Luckily, I found my copy. Her text got me to really wanting to read the fourth book. I'm too impatient. It's a personal weakness.

For the last week, I have been moping around the house without anything to read. Now that all the Christmas decorating is finished and all my magazines have been read, I feel lost without a book. So on the way to school, I got a crazy idea to stop by Walmart before work and see - just see - if they had a copy of Breaking Dawn. There was only one copy. It had my name all over it, so I had to get it. I don't normally buy hardback books, but I was just dying to read this one after my crying spree at the end of the third book. I started reading it tonight while Alise was at gymnastics. So far, it's great!

Some of you have asked me about the collage software. It is FREE and I got the site from my friend, Becky. Go here to find out more.

Alise accused me of moving Jack (our Elf on the Shelf) last night. This morning, he was "hiding" in the Christmas arrangement on the coffee table. Not too hard, but noticeable. She spotted him right off (Personal note: find a harder hiding place) and asked me, "Mommie, why did you move him?" I explained to her -with as much desperation as a mother of a three and a half year old could muster - that he visited Santa last night and found another spot. Her eyes got big, but she still seems doubtful. She did ask me again if she could touch him. Knowing Alise, she'll be wanting to take Jack to "Show & Tell" at school in a few weeks! Ha, ha! Wouldn't that be something if all the kids showed up for "Show & Tell" with their EOTS?!

Oh! Wayne wanted me to post this picture of Alise's gymnastics class that showed up in one of our local papers. This is from October when her class got to wear their Halloween costumes to practice. Can you spot the Bama cheerleading outfit?



  1. Too funny I posted about Twilight tonight too. but a little different. You'll just have to go see for yourself.

    Cutest Little Bama Cheerleader ever.

  2. What a cute little cheerleader! Ok, now I do not understand this Twilight business, but my friend's daughter read 2-3 of the books during our vacation. Me, I read a lovely smut book!!!

  3. Thanks for the photo link; I am downloading it right now! Can't wait to use it! Miss Priss is also into Twilight. I went into Hot Topic at the mall the other day to get her a t-shirt and poster for her stocking;that store scares me!

  4. I guess I'm going to have to try to read one of those twilight books. Everyone is talking about them but I know nothing about them myself!

    I love the Elf on the Shelf!!!

  5. I am definently going to have to do the elf on the shelf next year with Ad. And yay, I didn't realize you were readin the twilight series. I missed that. I finished the 4th last week- so good!

  6. How fun to wear Halloween costumes to gymnastics class!

    I have not started reading the Twlight series but I am going to start soon...I am excited about them.

    I have thought about doing the Elf on the Shelf, but have not started it yet...I guess there is still plenty of time this year...I think it would be tough to find good spots!

  7. Okay, you have me intrigued about the Twilight series. I may just have to ask for the books for Christmas! Love Alise's picture in the paper, she's famous!!