Sunday, December 14, 2008

This Is What Happens When Daddy Hides Jack

Need I say more? This is what I get for being married to a hunter and "compromising" by having a deer head in my living room. Ugh!

Alise had her first date this afternoon - chaperoned, of course - by BOTH daddies!! How bad is that? - ha, ha! We just love Jackson, our friends' Chris and Amy's little boy. I've said before that he is the only boy that Alise will ever be able to date. Chris and Wayne (who are life long friends) took the kids to see "Madagascar 2" this afternoon. I made Wayne take the camera much to his dislike, but at least he remembered to take a picture of them. Dare I say I see a wedding in the future for these two? So sweet and innocent and I just love it!

I have a feeling that I am setting a rather bad example for my daughter. None of us slept well last night so we slept in and missed church. I did get up early enough to roll these babies before we went to Sunday School. If this serves as any indication of how the whole process went, I plan to blog about it tomorrow when I resume my "Not Me Monday" post. You'll have to check back in to see how my whole afternoon of baking went. Let's just say that I was jamming with the Christmas music via our satellite!!

And here are the last of the Christmas decorating pictures: Now, I have to admit - even if I am showing partiality - I think I can decorate a pretty awesome Victorian tree. I don't think the picture above is a very good one. I love to turn off all the lights in the living room and just let the lights twinkle. The tree is gorgeous with the lights off - is that a good thing or a bad thing? Anyway, I tried taking a picture of the tree with the lights off, but with the flash, the picture looked like it was broad daylight and I gave up. The secret to my tree is the pink bead garlands, mauve rosary garlands, and tulle. I've also included a few of my favorite ornaments.

And Alabama garland (And you just THOUGHT you had heard the last of Alabama...)! I am so proud of my decorating with this piece. I bought this lighted garland on Thanksgiving night when me, mom, and my SIL went to Michael's to cash in on an extra 20% off coupon that night. I wish I had gotten two of the lighted garlands to make this arrangement longer, but I can do that next year because I have plenty of houndstooth ribbon left. This garland highlights our kitchen/carport door. I love it!!



  1. Love the houndstooth!!! LB wants a red room with a big white "A" on the wall with a houndstooth bedspread. I just laughed but was so proud!

  2. Anonymous10:32 PM

    Laura! Your decorating is so beautiful, I just love your Victorian tree! I wish I could get away with such a girly tree with my house full of boys,lol!! I was laughing out loud where Wayne put your little elf, too funny & cute!! My baking was a bit of a bust, our fudge did not turn out, but the Red Velvet balls are awesome!!

  3. I should have let you do my tree! It's gorgeous!!

    Alise and Jackson are too cute together.....

  4. Your Victorian tree is perfect! And I luaghed out loud at the Elf on the deer head!

    P.S. Margherita Pizza is tomato and basil pizza with no red sauce, cheese only. It is said to be the "first" pizza and boy is it yummy!

  5. My nephew took a wrapped deer head as a Secret Santa gift to his Christmas party Saturday night-HOW FUNNY IS THAT! Can you imagine some girl opening that up-EEEKKKKK!
    Your decorations are beautiful & DON'T be pushing that sweet daughter toward any boy yet-they make that discovery SOON enough!

  6. That is so funny about where your husband hid Jack. My husband would have hidden him in his Golf Clubs! And you are very right...that exhausted man, asleep at the table, is my husband. He didn't have time for any sleep last Christmas! He fell asleep at the table waiting to eat Caramel Sweetrolls!

    Will have to see if my mother will share her recipe. She doesn't even share it with me! I usually make Pull-apart Monkey Bread with Pecans.

  7. hi, i found ur blog...and couldn't help but comment,, out little elf's name is jack my husband also put him in the course my son was the one who found him first.....

  8. Your Victorian tree is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That picture of the "date" is so cute! :-)

  9. your victorian tree is beautiful!

  10. Your tree is so pretty, and so is the little girl standing next to it!

  11. Ohhhhh I love the houndstooth ribbon !