Saturday, December 20, 2008

Michelle Duggar Delivers 18th Child

This just makes me want to ask, "Why?" and "What are you thinking?" Some of you may have the answer to this question. That is, if you watch their TV show. I had no idea the Duggar's even had their own TV show.

Check out the article here. I thought the "Fun Facts" were interesting.

I wonder what they do for Christmas?



  1. I totally love their show, but then again, I am a reality junkie!

  2. I stumbled across your blog from Lizzie's and couldn't help but leave a comment about this post.

    Now, don't get me wrong...I love children and even have TWO of the little rascals myself. HOWEVER, I would not want 18 of anything: kids, cats, goldfish, dogs, siblings, dogs...nothing.

    I've watched their show a couple of times, and it always makes me feel kind of odd. Not in a bad way, but like they obviously know something about raising children that I don't...LOL!!

    Anyway, love your blog! I'll pop in often :-)

    Merry Christmas!

  3. I think the Duggars are blessed...not only with children, but with the patience and heart to care for them all. I guess I feel a little "protective" of them b/c they live in my hometown. I've never met them, but there's definitely a part of me that admires them. I have trouble with just one baby some days... :)

    p.s. Plus, I wouldn't be able to support my post-it habit with all those kids! :)

  4. The Duggars are very interesting to me...My 2 boys are all I can handle, so props to them for having 16 more than me,lol.

  5. ME!!!! I wanted atleast 8 children...but the Lord decided to train me to deliver them...instead of having them all. I hope to have atleast four children now. :)

    We all have different sized families embedded into our hearts...and each one is perfect for us! :)

  6. How sad this family has a TV show, Why would you give credit to a family that uses the Pearl's discipline! As a Christian mother it saddens me that this is the view the world is given!

  7. This kind of thing really makes me wonder why some people can have as many as they want obviously, and some of us who just want 2 can't get pregnant to save our lives? What's up with that? I think its great since its what they want, but man, where's the even distribution for the rest of us?!?!?!