Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Looking Back Over 2008 - Part Uno

I’ve said many times that my whole reason for blogging was to have some type of journal for Alise so that one day she would be able to read about her childhood. I never want her to question whether or not she was loved or if she did and said crazy and goofy things when she was little. It would be there (here) for her to laugh about, cry over, and say to herself, “What in the world was my mother thinking?” Knowing my luck, by the time she even gets to the age that she cares, the internet will be long gone and there will be something new and better, but I digress…

Then our blog expanded into a means for friends and family in other places to keep up with Baby Girl. And, then even my heart grew because of all the friendships that have been made through this little “idea.” I have enjoyed getting to know so many new friends through our blog and I look forward to making even more.

Having said all that, I thought it would be appropriate to recap 2008. I certainly didn’t have time to go back and read every single entry, but I did try and pick out the most exciting or “remember-some” moments in our lives this year.

It will have to be a two-parter because it is a pain going back to link everything and this post is already long enough.

Here we go:
At the very beginning of January, Alise fell at her day school and had a huge goose egg and two black eyes for nearly a month. She was climbing on one of the kitchen sets in her class and somehow slipped and fell. As far as I know, there wasn't an incident report filed at the day school and I prayed every night that I wouldn't regret insisting that one be completed. Even Dr. Stanley suggested that we keep a "low profile" until the bruising went away. So for the entire month of January, we stayed home and didn't go out in public with Alise. I think that it is so sad that people would go so far as to misread a situation, but then again, I don't think any child should be abused. When you see the picture, you may agree that we did the right thing. It breaks my heart every time I see this one.

In February, Alise and Wayne attended their first "Daddy - Daughter Banquet" at our church - complete with matching coursage, boutineers, and a special necklace made by Leigh. Alise's best friend came over for a Saturday afternoon visit and Wayne continued to work away on the house we bought next to ours (March will be two years that we have been dual homeowners).

The high point in March was the Ding Dong Caper and this particuliar Sunday at the Biedenharn Gardens will go down as a day in ephinany.

In April, I got this news and wished that I could revert back to the '80's. Alise had her first dentist appointment (no cavities) and Wayne and I celebrated our 13th anniversary here.

Absolutely nothing in May could compare to this! Not even this - ha, ha, to all our Alabama family. I honestly have never been so scared before in my life! I just kept seeing that big, ugly tornado in "The Wizard of Oz" in my mind all the way to Uncle Millard's and Aunt Peggy's that night. But this was the best night of my life! May was also marked with much saddness in the loss of our friend, Lance Thomas and this story made me hug Alise a little tighter.

Part two coming soon!



  1. Love this post. Bless your heart for doing all of those links!!

  2. Great idea. I have been thinking of doing a recap of some sort. I bet that did take a long time to link up...thanks for all the extra work!

  3. What a GREAT idea!!! I loved reading this especially since I haven't been reading your blog the whole year! My FAVE post was about NKOTB!!! :)

  4. What a great recap. I can't wait for part 2.

    It looks like you all had a wonderful Christmas.

  5. Fun reading your first few months of 2008, since I have some catch up in getting to know you.


  6. It was so fun to go back and see the whole of last year for you b/c I didn't "meet" you until later this year! I feel like I've known you fo-EVAH!

  7. What a fun post!

  8. What a great post and wonderful idea Laura!! I loved reading your recap since I didn't start blogging until May!!! I loved reading about your House remodel next door, I'm such a remodeling/decorating nut,lol! And your post about NKOTB brought me waayy back! Oh I loved them so much-and Jordan was always my number one favorite. I thought I would marry him,lol!! And The Lost Boys, don't get me started on how much I LOVE that movie. We have it on DVD and we still watch it quite a bit!

  9. Loved reading your part I. Look forward to reading part II! I've got to figure out how to do those links!