Friday, December 12, 2008

Just the Girls

Alise and I are watching "Frosty the Snowman." She keeps asking me if we can build a snowman. I've told her that it has to actually SNOW before we can build a snowman. Speaking of "sneaux" (I saw the word spelled like that on a South Louisiana blog and I thought that was so neat!), we actually almost got some this week. I think the white stuff came down in every city BUT ours and Baby Girl was VERY disappointed!

My red velvet cake for these babies is cooling in the kitchen. Alise helped me in the kitchen and then insisted on licking the beaters. I took a picture of her, but decided not to post it because it looked like she was bleeding from her nose! I thought that might look a little unappetizing. I'm just saying....

Our supper consisted of sour string candy. That's what happens when Daddy is at the camp and all Mommie wants to do is lay around in her Christmas pj's (and watch talking snowmen!!).

I thought I would share a picture from Alise's school Christmas program last night. Can you find her? Hint: she's wearing a dress and you've seen her in it before. I'll post more pictures after my husband gets the program loaded onto my laptop.

She literally cracked me up last night. L and I were both saying how that we can't wait for Emma and Alise's dance recital this Spring. Oh, boy!

Alise's favorite Christmas song has somehow changed from "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" to this:

Have you heard it? Our local radio stations play it ALL THE TIME!!



  1. well that hippo (the one on there before you play the video) is just a tad bit scary if you ask me!!

  2. So cute, I foudn her in the crowd! Her group is much better dressed than Sofia's classmates!

  3. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I just got started but I am really enjoying it so far. Your little girl is precious!

  4. That hippo song DRIVES ME CRAZY! No, Pinkie is four. I guess the fourth candle didn't show up in the pic. I will do a post on cakes with a close up of her My Little Pony monstrosity. I always let my girls pick their cake for our family celebration and they usually pick something cheesy from the grocery store. For their party (when others will see it!) I order something of my choosing from a bakery!

  5. Hope you had fun baking! The mood hit me this morning and I made candy and cookies for nearly 3 hours! Yes, the wisemen and the Lincoln was so funny...everyone was looking for them and here they come out of the car, robes, crowns and all!

  6. Anonymous6:49 PM

    We just watched Frosty tonight! It was the boys' first time seeing it and they loved it!! We bought the ingredients to make those cake balls tonight, I'm so excited to make them and thanks for posting about them!! My boys love all the Christmas songs out right now, especially the Chipmunk song!