Monday, December 29, 2008

Is Snuck Really A Word?

I commented on someone’s blog today and used the word, “snuck.” As soon as I typed the word, a vision of Ms. G, my seventh grade English teacher, popped in my head! That my friends, was really a day mare! The woman really scared me! You didn’t mess with Ms. G - especially in first period advanced English class. I’m told she’s still teaching. Heaven help those students. Thank goodness I survived.

Okay, you English teachers! What is it called when you are learning the tenses of words? Is the term, “conjugate?” I’m referring to the phrases: “present-tense,” “past-tense”, “future-tense.” And then I think there was something called “present participle,” but I’m having to dig wa-a-ay back for that one. After all, seventh grade English for me was like 1987!! Anyhoo, it goes something like this:

Today I swim. (present)
Yesterday I swam. (past)
Tomorrow I shall/will swim. (future-tense)

Let’s just say that I’m right and the term is “conjugate.” How do you conjugate a word like “sneak”? It’s hard!

MY version would go something like this:

Today I sneak. (present)
Yesterday I snuck. (past)
Tomorrow I shall/will sneak. (future-tense)

Ms. G, if you’re reading my blog, I can see your beady little eyes coming through my computer screen and I can hear you saying, “Laura, my dear, “snuck” is not a word.”

Whell!! It is in MY Southern, high school diploma, college-educated, CPA-tested-and-passed English book!

Snuck, snuck, snuck, snuck, snuck!!!



  1. it a fab word! i think i will haveto use it.

  2. I'm not even going to tackle the english/grammar dilema. I make up my own words, get word sequence backwards and so many other things backwards!!

    I loved that video of Alise where everyone is yelling Brake!! Brake!! Brake!!!.
    I'm with you on getting the tree down so your house can look normal again. We took ours down last night. Now we just have to get it up into the attic!
    I love the expression of Alise when she openned her first gift. That shot was priceless! And I agree, I love your new favorite pciture of her! She looks like a model!

  3. Anonymous12:23 PM

    Lol, I'm terrible with tenses!!

  4. I believe it is a good Southern word. You know us Southern Belles have a whole different dictionary compared to the rest of the world. Besides, I say the same thing. "Katie snuck some chocolate past me last night"

    Wayne will have to tell you the bad news for Bama fans. I had to post about it.

  5. I was just catching up on posts. Looks like you guys had such a great Christmas! I'm so glad. I'm excited everyone is blogging again--I miss you all!

  6. hmmm. she snuck past me or she sneaked past me....either one is bound to be a southern word and I use them both!!!

  7. Anonymous3:05 PM; You saved my day again.