Sunday, December 07, 2008

I Am Not Mad

Okay. Let me just go ahead and lay it out there for everyone to see......
I am not mad!!!! Very disappointed, but not mad.

Yes, Alabama lost against Florida yesterday in the SEC Championship game. Instead of going to the BCS Championship Game, Bama will be playing in the Sugar Bowl here in my home state in the city of New Orleans. Bama just can't seem to get away from Louisiana (they have played in the Independence Bowl for the last two years in Shreveport)!! Wayne and I are trying to get tickets as I type. I would give anything to go and cheer my team on in a bowl game for three years in a row! We'll see.

My thoughts about the game? I like Tim Tebow. I always have. That dude is a hoss! He has the culmination of the entire offensive line in his body. But honestly, I got tired of seeing his face on my TV. Enough of Tim Tebow, people. I like their coach. He's kinda cute. As for my team, I thought they made alot of mistakes. Usually Aerenas redeems himself (I'm referring to him stepping out of bounds on that last punt return), but he was never given another chance. I thought JPW began to loose it at the end. And what with that fake field goal? Give me a break!!!

I was scared to death of us playing Okalahoma in the BCS Championship! I'm glad that won't be happening. I knew that even if we could (somehow) beat Florida, we would never get past OU! We have no reason to hang our heads. Bama had an awesome year! No one expected us to do as well as we did and to go 11-0, well, that's something that no on else in the SEC was able to do. I will continue to say, "Roll Tide!!"

I haven't decided who I will be pulling for in the BCS game on January 7th. I feel obligated to cheer for Florida because they are an SEC team, but after getting beat, well, there is a part of me that doesn't want them to win. I like Oklahoma. I always have. As long as they didn't join the SEC. Ha, ha!

Now, the good news is that you don't have to read anymore about Alabama until January 2nd!!

I've been busy baking this weekend so I'm catching up on everyone's blogs. Alise was suppose to help me in the baking department, but she decided to TOTALLY wig out on me Saturday morning when we were leaving the library and decided to carry it on into the pharmacy and grocery store. I was not happy with her at all! So, her punishment was that she didn't get to help me make "Peanut Butter Tassies" and white covered pretzels. We were suppose to make a birthday cake for Jesus, but I didn't think that being totally ticked off and making a cake for my Savior would really go over that well, so we will have to wait until another weekend.

Wayne kept Alise this afternoon while I did some more of my Christmas shopping. I can't remember if I told you or not, but last week, someone asked Alise what Santa was bringing her for Christmas. She told them that he was bringing her a baby doll. A baby doll? UGH! She doesn't even play with dolls that much!! So, off I ran to Toys R Us this afternoon to get a baby doll!! I haven't even started wrapping yet! I told myself last year that I would never again save all my wrapping for one night. I've got to make a dent in it sometime. Wayne has offered to help, but I just can't seem to get in the mood to wrap.

Here are some pictures from our photo sessions - yes, more than one - today!



  1. LOVE THOSE JAMMIE PICS WITH THE LOLLIPOP!!!!!! I also think those are great family shots! I hope you guys can find tickets to the game. Super cute pictures!

  2. Those Jammies are too freakin' sweet! I love those!

  3. Anonymous8:39 AM

    I actually googled who won, because I was hoping your team did! I'm sorry that they didn't win, but glad you might have a chance to see them in your home state! I love all your Christmas photo session pictures, especially Alise with her jammies and lollipop!! Hope you have a great Monday!

  4. Let me say that although I am excited that my team won...I am also sad that your team lost. They did have a wonderful season and should continue to hold their head up high.

    I was worried about the game and it was a real nail-biter. Don't think I was able to relax at all! And I have to agree with you...I am worried playing in the big game.

    Now I also have to say that I love those photos! The last one is my fav!

  5. Love those pics!! They are so cute!! Sorry to hear about your team. That stinks! I hope you have a great Monday =)

  6. Great pics and what a lovely tree!

  7. Love the polka dot outfit. Alise is such a cutie. How could you ever get mad at her? :)

  8. Anonymous10:06 AM

    Cute pictures! Her pjs are adorable, do they come in my size?

  9. Those pictures are SO cute!!!!

    Yes, I'm with you...not mad, just disappointed and sad. :-) I actually thought we played really well and Florida just had more gas at the end of the game. Tebow is awesome, no doubt about it and he is an amazing guy, but I also got a little tired of all the love being poured on him from the tv guys. Give us some credit too!

    Excited about the Sugar Bowl and that will be great if you guys get to go to it. I never thought we would have done as great as we did this year, so it was just a great season!

  10. And oh...I think we would have WON against Oklahoma. Florida's defense is so much better than OU and I think we would have done better against them. I will cheer for Florida, and I actually think they will win big.

  11. The last is my favorite!!!

  12. You found her a lollipop!!! Yay!

  13. I agree with you so much "On being tired of seeing and hearing Tebow".
    I actually yelled out loud with joy when Sam Bradford won teh Heisman the other night, now I'm praying OU beats the heck out of Florida. People say I shouldn't be that way since Florida is in the SEC and OU isn't, I don't care.........I'm tired of Tebow! haha...