Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wordless Wednesday - NOT!

I am ruined.

I just THOUGHT I was a blog-aholic! Oh, my!

My newest blog friend, Brooke, has introduced me to the wonderful world of Can I get an OMGoodness?! I feel like I’ve died and gone to Hawaii or something! There is even a “Twilight Group.” Woo-hoo! How could I have lived so sheltered? So far, I haven’t had that much time to really delve into it, but hey! Didn’t somebody mention a four day weekend was coming up? Yes!

I have a question that I want to throw out to everyone. It has to do with these picture-linky things. You know? The picture-linky like Boomama’s “2008 Tour of Homes” and Angie Smith’s “7x7.” How do people design those? Can anybody do it? Or does it take a special HTML-education to pop ones of those babies out? I’m just saying….And, Amie, if you dare mention my previous problems with posting and HTML, I will seriously consider taking you OFF my blog roll! So there (I’m afraid I’ve been around a three year old a little too much lately!)!

I am so far behind on posting pictures of Alise. I know today is Wordless Wednesday, and I probably would have participated, but I just couldn’t find it within myself to shut up today. I am too excited about the holidays!!

Speaking of which, I was thinking yesterday. You know, after Christmas and the New Year are over, January comes blustering in and it seems that some people go through a time of what I like to refer to as “deflation.” For me, it’s like I’m this huge balloon – pink, of course – full of excitement and “fat air” and then after the beginning of January, it’s like I totally deflate. Party’s over, folks. It’s back to life. Ugh! I hate that part. But the point I want to make here – or the question I want to ask – is when does your balloon begin to “inflate?” Does it start before or after Thanksgiving? Does it happen when you’re screaming for the Disney Store in Birmingham, Alabama to open at midnight on Thanksgiving Day (and it really will! I know this for a fact!)? Does your holiday excitement start when you find THE perfect toy for your child or when your husband is putting that bike together at 3AM Christmas morning? Maybe it’s when you get to see your child sing in the Christmas program at church or when you bake that first batch of Christmas cookies. Whell. My inflation for the holidays started yesterday. Can you believe it? Yeah, and I’m sick, too! But I just felt this “hustle-and bustle” attitude come over me. I think Alise being out of school this week and beginning to cook for Thanksgiving had a lot to do with it, but I got excited about Christmas!! I hope you do, too!

I’m shutting up now.

I’ll have to save my review of “Twilight” for you another day.

Have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving!

I won’t be thinking of you on Friday. I’ll be under the warm covers, probably snuggled up to my Baby Girl, walking in dream land and wishing I had remembered to wear socks to bed the night before. Have fun, shoppers!! I want to hear all about it!

Okay. I’m really shutting up now. (Good thing Alise can’t read because “shut up” is a bad word in our house! I’m just saying….)



  1. Call me and let me know what time I can come get her Saturday! :) We'll go do something fun and I'll get her all sugared up for ya!

  2. I get excited now, this week off Thanksgiving. After New Year's I am ready to start getting excited and planning for the coming year so I am not sure if I get deflated. I always get bummed when Summer ends.

  3. I'm not techno at all!!! I cannot help with the linky stinky thing you're talking about!! :)

    I think my inflate starts at about 6 tonight. I love the slowness of Bryan and I going down to Ada and the non-schedule we have. I love fall weather and decor! I think I usually get bummed around February.

    Have a great Thanksgiving!

  4. Anonymous10:27 PM

    Ooh, gotta check out that Twittermoms thing...Does not sound good for this internet obsessed mom,lol!! I am SO excited for the Holidays, I get excited when I start decoration for Halloween!! Holidays are the best time of the year for me, and by Holidays, I mean Halloween through Valentine's Day,lol! I decorate for each and every one! I just get excited about making it magical and memorable for my boys!! I realize that I'm creating important memories for them, so everything from the decorations to the food to the traditions are carried out with care!!! Hope you have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving weekend!!

  5. Just wait until she is READING over your shoulder! Hee hee! I have two of those now.

    I am curious of your Twilight movie thoughts....I saw it the other was NOT what I expected. *sigh*

  6. Happy Thanksgiving!