Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ten Things Tuesday (Updated for Technical Difficulty)

Updated: Okay!! So I got a little carried away on the linking! Hopefully everything works now. Whew!

For "Ten Things Tuesday," I thought I would share ten things about my bloggy friends from my own personal blog roll. I'm not sure if anyone who reads my blog actually visits my roll, but stop by and visit these ten bloggers and let them know that I sent you.

Please. No offense if your name and blog is not listed today. I plan on naming everyone's blog eventually. After all, just how many other Tuesdays will there be? Stay tuned.

1. Amie is one of Alise's favorite babysitters. Alise referrs to her as "my Amie." Check out her awesome adventure to Natchez, Mississippi and hot air balloon pictures here. Then, find out why her November 11th post scared the living daylights out of me!!

2. Lindsey is THE most hilarious blogger I know! I literally laugh out loud! Check out her two funniest posts (in my opinion) here and here.

3. Brooke is my newest bloggy friend. She admitted to lurking for a while and finally made herself known and I LOVE her blog and little girl, TemTem. Check out Christmas preview pictures here.

4. My vote for "Best Bloggy Friend Hair" goes to Jess. She is a great photographer and my favorite pics of her kiddos are here. She also had a great birthday bash this summer. I'm not saying how old she is, because I literally thought a meltdown was gonna happen anyday!! Also, check out her extra income endeavor. It just hit me that some of you may not be able to check out Jess' personal blog because she has it listed as private.

5. Melissa is the most famous person I know. I can't wait to make these Pilgrim Hats with Alise this week. Check out what she did when she and her husband decided to take the kids to Disney. Just go to her label categories. Enough said.

6. I've mentioned Audrey's Christmas cards in a previous post, but you must see the newest versions! I had a problem indexing my favorite posts from her blog, but here is her business site. Be sure to sign up for her free monthly give aways! Did I mention FREE?!

7. Bama Girl is a friend after my own heart. We have so much in common...right down to both our daughters being mermaids for Halloween. She did a GREAT job on designing S's costume. And check out these red boots on this birthday girl! Oh, did I mention Bama Girl is THE most thriftiest person - if not luckiest person - I know?

8. Marie Etta is the typical newlywed that just had triplets! Check out these great newlywed stories: carpets, beds, and appliances.

9. I never thought I would find another female that loved Alabama football as much as me. And then I found Cheryl. One of my favorite posts was this recent one about her daughter in a school beauty pageant. It brought back junior high memories and made me smile. I had trouble uploading posts from Cheryl's blog, too. Check out her Friday, November 14th post.

10. And just to see if you're paying attention, here is a blog that I check out that ISN'T on my roll. Simply because I haven't had time to add it. Lula is ape over the "Twilight Series." So much so that she's suppose to be attending the premier in Los Angeles. She is a very hyper little momma that doesn't mind speaking her mind. She makes me laugh, too.

So today I am thankful for ALL my blogging buddies....no matter where you are! You make me laugh and cry and sometimes both at the same time!

Do you have some special friends on your blog roll? I would love to meet them!



  1. Awesome blogs you got there. I know a couple. I am off to check out the rest.

  2. awwww, thanks!!!!! I am loving this post and going to check out the folks that I don't follow already!

  3. I'm behind, again! So sorry for the tragic end in the Sonic relationship. I've placed them on probation because they brought me regular tea when I asked for sweet tea!!! There's nothing like craving one thing but getting something different!!

    Can I just say I'm nervous for football this weekend! I think I may get 55 new gray hairs before this season is over. I've been pulling for your team and I shocked my father-in-law when I was glad Alabama was winning. I told him I had a blog friend who is a major Bama friend and he just shook his head!!! :)

  4. AWWWW.... thanks Laura!! That was so sweet of you:) And another great idea! Have a wonderful Tuesday!!

  5. You're one of my favorite bloggy buddies too!!!!

  6. Aww shucks! Thanks Laura!!! But now I will be in trouble since I am off lurk on more blogs instead of getting dinner ready :)

  7. Anonymous5:48 PM

    Laura, You're so sweet!!! You were my first blogging buddy and one of my very favorites and you're such a sweetheart!! I just love this post and off to look at everyone's blogs. I'm blog addicted,lol!

  8. You are pretty special yourself, little Miss Laura! So glad that we became bloggy buddies:)