Sunday, November 30, 2008

Roll Tide versus Merry Christmas

On the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, I wanted to stop by a favorite home furnishings store to pilfer through what was left of their Christmas decorations. When I got Alise out of the car, she noticed a black truck in front of us that had the Alabama "A" on their front license plate.

"Mommie," she said, "Alabama A!"

"Yeah! How neat is that?" I asked.

This particuliar store is known for their cats that wander aimlessly through-out the store. The last time we were in there, Alise begged me to ask the sales clerk how many cats they had and they told us that there were three. Well, Baby Girl found one while we were in again this time. She begged me to let her stay with the kitty cat, so I agreed and wandered off, but close enough so that I could still see and hear her talking to the cat (Alise was wanting to climb all over the furniture after this crazy cat!).

All of a sudden, I hear this scream, "Moma, Moma! Where are you?! Com'ere! Come quick!"

The first thought was, "Oh my God! What has she broke?"

I found her and she took me back to where the cat was and there was a lady with Alabama scrubs on. "Look, Mommie! Alabama!" The lady smiled and asked if we were fans. Of course, I said that we were. She told me a story about being in another store and some obnoxious Bama-haters saying that they hope Auburn slaughters us on Saturday. Before she walked off, she said, "Roll Tide." I asked Alise, "What do you say, Sweetie?" but she didn't say anything so I answered back with a "Roll Tide" for the both of us. I have to admit that it was a little strange saying, "Roll Tide!" to someone in Louisiana. Now, if we were in Alabama, RT would be as common as "hello" or "good-bye".

When we were leaving the store, one of the sales clerks said, "Merry Christmas!" What did Baby Girl answer with? She said, "Roll Tide!" I laughed all the way to the car and called Wayne to tell him that he was raising his Baby Girl right! So, the rest of the way home, I had to explain to Alise that it was the Christmas season and that when people said, "Merry Christmas" to her that she needed to respond the same way and not with "Roll Tide." Poor thing. I think she is so confused.

The even funnier thing was that when we were leaving the parking lot, guess what SEC fan had parked right in front of us and had their flag on their vehicle. A Florida Gator fan. Go figure. We're playing them in the SEC Championship game next Saturday. I love SEC Football!!

Here are some pictures from mine and Alise's Saturday night at the ballet of "Cinderella." I am so glad that I took everyone's advice to go ahead and splurge on the tickets and go. Alise absolutely loved it. I would do it again in a heart beat. It was a very special Mommie-daughter date!

And here are some miscellaneous pictures. Alise in the leaves; Alise with her cousin, Analeiyah (Thank you, Aunt Donna for keeping Alise for us last Monday); Alise singing Christmas songs into her "microphone whisk" while she was helping me make my famous chocolate cake; and a picture of her in her indian get-up from her Thanksgiving Feast at school the week before. And here are some Thanksgiving pictures, mostly of my family and Alise with cousin Brooklyn. I'm not sure if the craft store, Michael's, was open on Thursday evening in your area, but it opened at 6:00 where we live. Me, Mom, and Misty, my sister-in-law headed there around 7 o'clock to catch some early deals and take advantage of a 20% coupon. The store was crowded, but we were able to find some things. I bought another Christmas tree. I need another tree like I need a hole in my head! But notice the picture in the far bottom right corner. That's Alise and Brooklyn at the "kiddie table" eating my chocolate cake. I love it! We had a great Thanksgiving.

Yesterday, I took Alise to my favorite children's shop and had her picture taken with Santa. It looks like every baby in Monroe beat us to the store and they were not happy campers!! It sounded like a doctor's office. I began to get worried thinking that Alise would spaz out at any moment because of all the chaos. At this particuliar time, she was the oldest little girl there and so I had to begin talking up the whole sitting on Santa's lap thing. She ended walking right up to Santa, but you will be able to tell in her picture (which should be back in about two weeks) that she was very nervous. You could see a sense of relief wash over her face as she got off his knee. As she walked to me, she said, "I like Santa, Mommie!" Yeah! Now that the whole thing was over. Anyway, I thought she looked precious. This is the first year that her Christmas dress wasn't a long smocked dress. As a matter of fact, when I finally convinced her to get her dress on so we could go, she said, "Mommie, it's too short!" I laughed. Okay. So I went cheap this year and bought her dress from Belk. I think I hurt the store owner's feelings, too, because I always buy Alise's smocked dresses there. Oh, well. Everyone thought she looked cute and so did I.

Amie came by and took Alise to see "Bolt" yesterday afternoon. I was thankful for the reprieve because it gave me a chance to finish up on my decorating (our family tree has been up all week with just the lights on it). I can't wait to show you pictures of some of my favorite things this upcoming week.



  1. love all the cute pictures. Sofia has the same dress Alise wore to the play but in cream and brown not red. How cute is her Roll Tide! Sofia is pretty good at is as well!

  2. I am so glad A loved Cinderella. I remembering taking Miss Priss when she was little. Great memories!!! I also love in A in her Indian get up for school--for some reasons those hats and costumes they make at pre-school for Thanksgiving just make me smile! I am so glad that you are going to try the cajun mac'n'cheese--I am a m'n'c fanatic and think this is by far the best recipe EVER. Also, can you tell me how you make those photo collages; I would love to do some for my blog too!

  3. That is TOO cute about Roll Tide. You are definitely raising her right!!! :-)

    The game was AMAZING!!!!! Never been in BDS when it has been so electric. You could just feel the JOY everywhere. It was so fun!!!

    Bring on Florida!

    And all of those pictures are GREAT!!

  4. Anonymous1:43 PM

    Love all the sweet pictures!!! Glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and weekend :-) Loving that story about Roll Tide/Merry Christmas,lol!!

  5. I loved looking at the pictures. I need to figure out how to group pictures together like that.

    I have a confession....I don't know who to pull for during the SEC championship. Maybe I'll do like I did for Sunday night football for Vikings and the Bears. I'll pull for both????

  6. No mention of her falling asleep in the movie, and no picture! Although, I think my hair was a little crazy in it, so that's okay :)

  7. I am "back from the dead" in time for "THE GAME"...

    Isn't it great that SEC Teams are in the #1 & 2 spots on the polls!

    Great photos of you and Alise.