Monday, November 17, 2008

Not Me Monday

I did not sit at Bryant-Deny Stadium in 40-degree weather - and a few moments of slight freezing rain - to see my Crimson Tide put a whooping on Mississippi State. I was not layered in about four sets of clothing and sit under a blanket or scream and wave my pom-pom like crazy when Javier Aerenas returned a punt kick for 80 yards and a touchdown. My feet didn't get numb, either. It definitly was not the best football weather ever!

I did not witness the Tuscaloosa police take a cowbell - yes, a cowbell - away from a MSU fan sitting near us. Did you know those things were illegal? Or is that just in Alabama? I also did not see a fan almost get arrested for disturbing the peace in the stands behind us. Yes, she was quite inebriated and a few beer cans were recovered by the cops, but disturbing the peace? If that's the case, then the whole STADIUM needed to be arrested!

I did not get home at 3:15 AM Sunday after riding with my husband for four hours from Tuscaloosa back to Monroe after the game. I did not beg the McDonald's drive-thru clerk in Meredian, Mississippi to please just give me a regular cheeseburger because that's what I really wanted - instead of the quarter pounder that I did not eat. She did not quickly inform me that my only choices were from the "after hours menu." Since when does McDonald's have an "after hours menu"?! Wouldn't a regular cheeseburger be easier to make than quarter pounders, Big Mac's, and ten piece chicken nuggets? I think they were just catering to the people like me that eat the most fattening stuff at night...LATE at night!

I did not realize at any time during that four hour ride home that I am old and no longer cut out for staying up past midnight. What was that my parents use to say? Something about nothing good happening after ten o'clock? Well, this moma did not literally turn in to a pumpkin after eating that quarter pounder!

I did not go to Walmart Sunday afternoon with no makeup and my hair not fixed and run into our friends, Chris & Amy Irvine and their little boy (and Alise's future husband), Jackson.

I did not finish my Christmas shopping this weekend. Okay, maybe I have two people left.

I did not play the Disney Princess Memory Game and Candy Land with my daughter for three hours on Sunday afternoon. I will be so glad when she can understand card games. I SO much like card games like "Go Fish" much better!

I did not nearly hyperventilate when Alise informed me that she didn't want to go to dance lessons anymore (after I just paid for her recital costume just two weeks ago!). It did not break my heart.

Have a great Monday!!


  1. Anonymous7:43 AM

    Wow! Sounds like quite an exciting game!! Glad you had such a great time! I agree, I am not good for staying up past 11. I told Kevin, you know you're old when you tivo Saturday Night Live just to watch it the next morning,lol because you're too tired to stay up for it! Have a great Monday! I love the Not Me Mondays, I'll have to do it!

  2. Happy Monday! I played too. It was lots of fun! Have a good one!

  3. Well, haven't you been a busy girl? A football game, 4 hour drive and you managed to get your Christmas shopping done. Wow! I didn't even make my bed this weekend.

  4. Hey! It looks like you have to phone in your bow orders. The # is on the first page of the website. Sorry, my parents lives in BR so I just get them when I am home. I order Pinkie the medium floppy. Paulette's bows are the best; I wore them in high school!!!

  5. Sounds like ya'll were quie busy this weekend.

    And boy oh boy our Tide is Rolling on Aren't they? It's Awesome it makes the Hubby so happy.

  6. Sounds like you had a great time this past weekend. I can feel your pain on no longer being able to party like a twenty year old :)

  7. First of all, "Roll Tide". I watched that game all the way through, a first for me and college football. The only other FB I watch is the Super Bowl and that's just because of the commercials.

    You and Cheryl have me hooked and I will be watching and cheering the rest of the season.

    I loved this post. I was so happy when we got past Candy Land. Now we play Cranium and they beat me silly.

    ~hippo hugs~

  8. You Hortons sound just as busy as us Hortons. I have no idea how you made it in that weather during that game. I am such a whimp! You are like the best fan ever!