Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Letter to Sonic

Dear Sonic,

Please allow me the opportunity to throw a southern-belle-style hissy fit.

What is the deal with your credit card machines? They seem to not be working in the entire state of Louisiana.

I am a woman with a debit card. I never carry cash. And today, I actually had a gift card that I would have liked to use at your place of business. You see, Sonic, you received my money for the gift card – from my debit card – a while back. So, now, you owe me food.

When I pull into your stall and place my order, please tell me that your credit card machine is not working BEFORE I place my order!! And, also, please be kind enough to inform me that if I decide to leave your Sonic and go to Sister-Sonic to order lunch that is like 50 million miles away from my office, please tell me that ALL the credit card machines are down for your entire fast food family. Please? Pretty please?

Sonic, I just don’t know if we can continue this relationship. After all these years and all the support my family and I have given you! It adds up to a whole lotta grape slushes and junior hamburgers with no pickle. You thought you had me with those sausage biscuit dippers and Alise craved your breakfast wrap while in the womb. I think I will miss your M&M Blasts most of all. Don’t cry for me, Sonic. The drive-thru was good while it lasted.

Still Starving,
Your Ex-Best Customer



  1. Your so funny!!! :) I used to keep that Sonic on Desiard St in business! ha!!! :)

  2. Oh, I love and miss me some Sonic. There are no Sonics in the NE, such a shame!

  3. Anonymous5:58 PM

    You are hilarious!! I'm sorry about your Sonic:( Let me tell you that I LOVE, LOVE Sonic, but our closest one is 65 miles away!! Hopefully those card machines will be up soon, I NEVER have cash on me as well!!

  4. SO funny! Man I miss those fried dill pickle chips. Nothing beats a Rt. 44 Diet Coke!!!! Sorry you had difficulty!

  5. You are so funny... and this post made me laugh!! Srry about your Sonic problem... I hope it gets fixed soon:)

  6. I hear ya! I haven't been to a sonic in forever! But fast food makes me ILL!