Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Is there a Doctor in the House?

Updated: I just spoke to the-man-of-the-house. He's on his way home from the camp. He really is a great husband. I shouldn't have been so bitter!

Baby Girl and I are both sick.

Ugh!!!....Somebody just shoot me, please! Take me out of my bronchitis-infected misery!

I guess this is what happens when your secretary is sneezing and coughing all over the place last week and then you go and decided to be the #1 fan for the Alabama Crimson Tide by sitting out in sub-zero temperatures. But, Gosh, it was fun!!

Forget Calgon. I need a magic wand!

Alise's problem started yesterday. The school left a message while I was in a drug induced coma at home (I left work because I was feeling so bad) saying...well, just saying. Let me put it this way, Alise is a little OCD about going to the potty and using toilet paper (if you need further explanation, leave me a comment and I'll get back to you). Apparently there was an episode and the aide (who is taking Ms. K's place because Ms. K had her baby girl last week) thought she might have a bladder infection. "Nah," I thought. Until...I talked to my mom and just casually mentioned to her that the school had called and she was like, "Yeah, now that you mentioned it...." because Baby Girl had stayed with her all weekend. Remember the Bama game?

So, my appointment was at 1:45 today and hers was at 3:20.

Yep! Bladder infection. Nice. (By the way, if there was an award for THE best doctor ever, it would have to go to Dr. Stanley. The man ranks right underneath God in my book. I am so glad that I decided to go with my gut instinct and switch doctors shortly after Alise was born. Doc and she have been making goo-goo eyes at each other ever since! He is just WONDERFUL!! They played hide and seek this afteroon in his office. Okay. And just so you know, I've NEVER - that is NEV-AH - had a man doctor, so try picture me talking to him about Alise's problem today. I was so embarrassed! The things we do for our children!)

But somehow, I was the one how ended up with a shot. The nurse said I should be feeling better soon. It ain't happened yet. I also had to "blow" - the nurse said that I was highly intoxicated - ha, ha! - which is something I've never had to do before. I couldn't get over how poorly I failed that test!

I have been craving comfort food for the past few days, so I decided to make Leigh Ann's Cheeseburger Soup recipe tonight. I put a slight twist on it, but it was wonderful! Very hearty and so good for this sick, cold soul. I ate two bowls. At this point, Lauren, I don't care if it does go to my thighs faster than that McDonald's quarter pounder that I did "NOT" eat at 12:30 Sunday morning.

And where is the man-of-the-house you ask? The very same one that is on vacation this week? Hmmm...let me see...the CAMP, maybe? Yes, that's it! Daddy is at the CAMP while his two girls are sick as dogs! Go figure. I'm bitter. Can you tell? Sorry. I'm not a very good patient.

Don't forget Leigh's give away!
She IM'ed me today while I was in the doctor's office and said that we were still on for our date with a vampire named Edward this Friday night. I'm referring to the "Twilight Series." If you haven't jumped on the band wagon, you should, and SOON! Movie opens Friday! I WILL be going!

Today I am thankful for drugs. Even if they do come in the form of shots!



  1. The poor gals! :( Get better you two!

    I have read all the twilight books! They are delicious! And I can't wait to see the movie! Bella looks just like I thought she would. And Edward is YUM-O delicious!

    I will not make it in Friday though. *sigh* I am so sad.

  2. Gosh, hope you guys get to feeling better soon!! Stay warm and rest!!

  3. Hope Alise and you feel better soon! I'd hate to see Edward without you....(Don't worry - I'd wait on you)

  4. Ugh, it is going around! My little one has been battling something all week and now I am showing signs. Hope you both feel better ASAP! Drink lots of O.J.!

  5. Here's hoping you both feel better!!!

  6. Here's hoping you both feel better!!!

  7. So sorry you've been under the weather. Hope you girls get to feeling better quick.

  8. Aww.. I hope you gals feel better soon! My husband is leaving for Wisconsin this afternoon for several days of deer hunting. It'll just be me and the dogs.

    Everyone talks like the books are amazing. I'm looking forward to reading them! I got a coupon for Borders in the mail yesterday, so now I can get the others.

  9. Hope you are both feelin better. We have been a sick house for the last week. Its Noon and we are not out of our pj's yet.

  10. Laura, I hope you feel better soon!! I'm so sorry that you and Alise are sick! And I would LOVE to see the Twilight movie, though I haven't read the books, it looks awesome!!

  11. I'm so sorry you haven't been well! Praying for you both!