Tuesday, November 04, 2008

I Have the Power!!

So how long did YOU stand in line today at the polls?

I bet I set a new record for standing in line to vote.

Get this: ZERO. Nada. Zilch. Nothing.

And guess what time I went to vote. 7 o'clock tonight. I walked right in, casted (is that even a word?) my vote, and walked right back out. Probably not even five minutes. Woo-hoo! Wayne got up extra early this morning and was at the polls when they opened. He said he was the 5th person to vote.

Whether your candidate wins or not, every citizen in America has the power on Election Day. The power to say "yes" or "no", oBoldr "I choose you....I believe in you" all resides in the strength it takes to pull that lever. So I am thankful for the priviledge of and power in voting. I am thankful for our Founding Fathers who were blessed with enough insight and decisiveness to fight for a different way to choose our leaders (However, I don't agree with the "electoral college," but that's a whole other post for another day). And I'm also thankful for the men and women who continue to fight for my priviledge to vote.

I ran to Belk at lunch. There is a particuliar Christmas dress for Alise that I wanted and no matter how many times I find it on Ebay, I just can't seem to win one. So, I found it at Belk, got it on sale and probably paid the same thing I would have on Ebay, so I was happy. Of course I actually spent a little more, because I had to buy the pink polka dot tights that matched. I also bought Alise's Christmas dress (not to be confused with the Christmas dress mentioned earlier. Ha! That one was a casual dress; this one is for church and Christmas Eve). This will be the first year that she has not had a boutique smocked dress for Christmas. I just couldn't find one that I liked and I had my heart set on dark green this year. The one (second one) I bought today was dark green and hot pink....TOO CUTE!! (Are you confused? Let's see, there are TWO Christmas dresses....). Maybe I'll take a picture and post them later this week.

Alise got a spanking when we got home from gymnastics tonight. Last week at dance and tonight at gymnastics, she just wigged out. She wouldn't mind, kept telling me no, and just altogether acting like a spoiled brat! I had to spank her and drag her out of the clothes at gymnastics. By the time we got home and I had listened to her rant and rave because I wouldn't buy her a snack out of the vending machines, I had had it!!! So while I went and voted, she got a spanking from Daddy. Although I can't explain her problem last week, I think the time change is affecting her this week. Wayne said while I was gone that she nearly fell asleep in the recliner! When I got home, she apologized. She is totally testing her boundaries right now and it's driving me nuts!

But I have the Power!


  1. So glad you didn't have to wait in line!! I got to the polls at 6:30 and had to wait about an hour, not too bad! I totally agree, we need to get rid of the electoral college!!
    And my boys, even sweet Aidan has been testing their limits lately. We've been having to give double time outs lately, not fun at ALL! Congratulations on finding Alise's dress! I can't wait to see it, it sounds adorable!!!

  2. Can't wait to see the dresses! I am trying to decide on beach portrait outfits for later this month. thoughts? Sofia had a horrible day at school yesterday--pushing friends down, throwing sand, etc. these kids!!!

  3. I didn't have to wait either:) So glad you voted.

    I can't wait to see the dress.... I guess I need to be thinkning about it...huh...

    And I need to go to Wal-Mart.... would you like to go for me?? lol

  4. You should have heard us trying to explain the Electoral College to Delaney last night. :-)

    It was actually probably the longest line I've been in, but still not bad (maybe 10 people back). Of course, I got at "easy" parts of the day--it was around 10:45. When I drove the kds to school in the morning, the line was outside the community center and through the parking lot.

    I love to vote! It's an awesome thing!